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Stubborn in Hangul? Options
Polixroniou George
Posted: Friday, March 14, 2014 4:36:39 PM

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Hey i want to make a tattoo in my forearm with the word "Stubborn"
I searched in internet but i found lot of words....

고집 Noun

고집 stubbornness

억지 ( unreasonableness, stubbornness)
옹고집 ( stubbornness)

Derived terms
고집불통 ( (a person of) great obstinacy
고집스럽다 ( to be stubborn)
고집스레 ( stubbornly)
고집하다 ( to act stubbornly, be obstinate)

고집 센 Willful
완고한 headstrong
완고한 stubborn

고집 센 stubborn
당신은 고집이 You are stubborn

고집스러운 stubborn {{maybe "what a stubborn"}}

완구한 stubborn

단단한 stubborn

고집이 센 Πεισματάρα

i want to write the word Stubborn
and i want to mean feminine
like "you are stubborn" {{her}}
sorry for my english and for my syntax... !
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