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Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 7:45:44 PM

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Does it sound natural? Could you inspect the tale named "The old man and the hare"?

In the earliest ancient times there lived an old man in a village and he had a few cows.
Once a mad wolf frightened the old man in the village:
- Old man, I am going to eat you up.
- Do not eat me, I will give you a cow, - the old man said and gave a calf to the mad wolf.
The next day the wolf came to the old man again:
- I am going to eat you - He said.
- Do not touch me, I will give you a cow again - He said and gave him another cow.
So the old man had no way out and suffered, he sat by his house.

Suddenly a hare running by him, asked:
- Why are you crying?
- The wolf comes to me every day and threatens to eat me up; he has been taking my cows. What will I do if the mad wolf comes again tomorrow? I am crying because I cannot do anything else. - The old man told.
The clever hare realized the old man’s grief and advised him:
- I will run, raising dust, and make the sun invisible with the dust tomorrow at dawn. If the wolf comes and threatens to eat you, tell him: “There is the khan’s brown bear is coming to catch you up”.

The next day the mad wolf came to the old man at the dawn and threatened him. Following the hare’s advice, the old man said to him:
- Wolf, there is the khan’s brown bear is coming here to catch and eat you up. He has learnt that you come to me. He is approaching and raising the dust. He is going to kill you.

The mad wolf saw the dust rising up to the sun; he believed the old man and was frightened much.
- Old man, tell the bear that I have left the area. – The mad wolf said and ran with all his swiftness faraway.
After that the wolf was not ever seen in the village. So the inhabitants of the village lived light-heartedly, happily and without grief thanks to the help of the clever hare.
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