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Folktales Options
Posted: Saturday, August 10, 2019 6:58:01 PM

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Do you want me to puplish and present you Kalmyk folktales in English? These are mames od eighteen Kalmyk folktales. Would you like to enjoy reading? Please, choose which of them you would like to present you first:

1. The sparrow who lays golden eggs
2. The orphan girl who lived at her stepmother’s
3. Two marriages
4. Yistr
5. The cat and the dog
6. The old man a span tall with a moustache five spans long
7. The boy given to the mus
8. The boy who rides a ram and milks a mouse
9. The old man Kedya and his bay bald ram
10. One’s happiness
11. Why does a camel stir up a heap of ashes? (The camel and the mouse)
12. The cock and the peacock
13. The elephant and the wolf
14. The wolf and the fox
15. The old man and the hare
16. The fisherman
17. The smart rabbit
18. The frog and the ant
Adyl Mouhei
Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2019 4:48:17 AM

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Thank you Nightdream.
Posted: Sunday, August 11, 2019 6:32:33 AM
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nightdream wrote:
Kalmyk folktales in English?

If you want to introduce us to these folk tales, then I suggest you post them in the Knowledge and Culture forum. It would be useful if you gave them helpful titles, such as Kalmyk Folk Tales 1. The Sparrow who Lays Golden Eggs.

If your main wish is for us to correct the language, then post them in the Grammar or Vocabulary forum. Once again, a useful title, such as Folk Tale #1: correction, please would be helpful. If you do this, please post them one at a time. Don't post any more until the one already posted has been fully dealt with.
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