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Synonym to ‘die’ Options
Posted: Monday, October 22, 2018 5:38:41 AM

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In his speech about the next nuclear war, the Russian president uses one pejorative word meaning ‘die’, when he was saying that the rest of the world, other from Russians, will go to hell. In the video captions, the word was translated as ‘drop dead’, but I think that ‘drop dead’ sounds quite pale and is not as humiliating as the word used by the highest Russian official.

I’ve looked up a corresponding word in English synonyms, but failed to find a really pejorative one.

I wonder whether there is a corresponding rude word in English or English speakers always talk politely about deaths, regardless of the personalities of those who have died or will die?

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2018 7:41:35 AM

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I am sure there are lots of ways of expressing this - but from a cultural standpoint (and maybe this has been lost in Russian because of the break with religion, although I thought it was still pretty strong) is that from a historically Christian culture, even if people don't believe in it today, then within the language going to hell is far worse than dying!

But the pejorative ones I can think of do tend to be slang, like snuff it. I can't think of an elegant insult, but I am sure they exist.

'Go to meet thy maker' can be said with menace. Although it sounds like you are going to Heaven, I guess the judgement comes first....

I guess something even worse than Heaven or Hell is nothingness - to be extinguished, razed, or erased. :)

A lot are humorous - kick the bucket, push up daisies, feed the worms, conk out. But hateful.... no, can't think of insults that are about your opponent dying.

I mean 'fuck off and die' is decidely lame.

Like I said, I think it is the cultural hangover that death is not a bad thing to wish upon someone - it is what comes afterwards.....
Or maybe I just don't hang out in the right company.

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