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Russian text in school Options
Posted: Monday, September 5, 2011 7:14:50 AM
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Hi! I just found this forum while looking desperatly for help to translate a sentence that has been bothering me.

"Petersburg is a big and beautiful city with many interesting museums and churches."

"Петербург - большой и красйвый город со... ?многими интересными музеами и церквями?

I hope someone can help me correct this sentence, as it has been driving me crazy for quite some time. Brick wall

Edit: многими интересными музеями и церквями.

I think it should be correct now :) I replaced the "a" with "я". I didn't read up on the intstrumental case thorougly enough.
Posted: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 5:58:46 AM
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Although not a native speaker, I would use the instrumental case in the following way, e.g.,

"город с множеством лиц" - "a city with many faces"

"город с множеством озер" - "a city with many lakes"

"старинный русский город с множеством церквей" - "an old Russian town with numerous churches"

Hence, my Russian version of your sentence reads

"Петербург большой и красивый город с множеством интереснейших музеев и церквей."

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