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Does 'fade into memory' mean the same as 'fade from memory'? Options
Aoronly Kwilai
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 7:18:11 AM

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I have seen both of them used but am not sure if they mean the same.
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 8:14:54 AM

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No, one is in and one is out.

If something fades into memory, it stops being something you think about all the time now, and becomes just a memory. Something from the past that you only think about sometimes. Distant, not so real.

If it fades from memory then it was a memory but it disappears - you don't remember it any more. You have forgotten.

Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 8:18:33 AM

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I think 'fade into memory' means it has gone from the front of your mind. It has become something that you don't need to think about. To 'fade from memory' is to forget about something altogether.

I remember, therefore I am.
renee talley 1
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2018 1:44:50 PM
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Joined: 8/1/2018
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Speak to the hand Think Shhh When you are experiencing your memory of course is affected. Someone that is close to you jogs your memory and you recall what you forgot about. A series of seizures occurring all around the same month is ; of effect your memory . But these two examples have the opposite meaning.
Fade from your memory is like when you have ended a close relationship foraged ahead and moved on. Of course a severing from someone else at first is very difficult especially if you became emotionally attached to the person.
You can; mentally move without desiring to continually be around that person day and night. This is very taxing to
both. He's already forgotten about you. If you are persistent to emotionally become distraught ; he might overreact and say something that upsets you even more.
You have not like what he wants you to wake up and smell the roses. Get help for yourself by all means for both of us if you know what I referring. Get a life. I have he replies.
One thing I'd like to add is that a word is a word in the dictionary with a definition. When you personalize
that word it becomes your reality.
Don't let that hindering you to have joy in your life.
When you reach out to someone that is in the mental health you are doing yourself a big favor.

When something fades from your memory ; it's how important to realize that in some rare cases when something from your memory God has a very good reason. That's because if you permanently let something from your memory he has something better for you. When you let go of some family folks , God recognizes your need that you desire is in God's will for your life, this definitely has a way of becoming true.
If you want your life to go forward only have friends that uplift you encourage an inspire you.
If you have resent last way t oo long; the length of resent last longer than you thought.Dancing Applause Anxious Applause Whistle Applause
Aoronly Kwilai
Posted: Friday, September 14, 2018 8:21:49 AM

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Joined: 3/26/2016
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Thank you very much.
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