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Galvenize Options
Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 11:54:53 PM

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Hello respected teachers,

Does "galvenized" simply mean "excited" in the following?

Bernstein is clearly galvanised by covering a big story again but there is no hint of glee. “I would hardly call covering Trump a joyous experience,” he told the Guardian. “I think that this is a dangerous time for America, that we have a president with no regard for the rule of law or for the truth. I say those things not pejoratively. It’s reportorially established and I think that’s what’s so extraordinary.”

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Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2018 1:52:37 AM

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Galvanise (or -ize) - if it looks like a strange spelling for English that is because it is named after Luigi Galvani.
He was the guy who made frogs' legs twitch with an electric shock.

So what does it mean?
(transitive, chiefly Britain) To shock or stimulate into sudden activity.
(transitive, chiefly Britain) To coat with rust-resistant zinc.
(transitive, chemistry, chiefly Britain) To coat with a thin layer of metal by electrochemical means.

We are not coating anyone in metal so let's go with the first one.

What is the context?
Bernstein has written an article. Writing it has galvanised him but not filled him with glee. Since not being happy is a contradiction, being galvanised must be a positive outcome and this is a situation where you would expect him to be very happy.

Bernstein has written an article, and that action has affected him - the result is positive, it was sudden, and it has shocked him into renewed activity and action.

That is it, really.

There is also sometimes the meaning that being galvanised makes you stronger, more determined to succeed.

You know who Bernstein is, right? What has he been doing for the last forty years, and what has suddenly changed that he is being interviewed now?

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