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common senses Options
Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 9:11:27 AM
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The phrase 'common sense' is an uncountable noun like water. But when one googles, many instances of 'common senses' appear. As the dictionary doesn’t deal with 'common senses', I would like to know what it's like.

Thank you
Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 9:40:12 AM

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Take a look at the context of your examples.
Which pattern do they fit into?
There is a trait, called "common sense" which means you make good decisions when faced with a problem.
If you are lost, it is common sense to ask for directions! Some people have no common sense.

But "a sense" is a countable noun, and there are five of them - sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch.
(And a sixth if you believe sometimes you just 'know' something!). These are senses.

This is a countable noun. In an appropriate context, you might describe some as common. These could be called common senses, although I can't think you say that very often.

2 I don't know if you are just finding the words occurring together, but 'to sense' is also a verb. "A common" is also a noun. So there are lots of possible combinations where you could find them together.
Everyone who walks past the common senses a ghostly presence.

If you see any examples with the meaning of "common sense" as good decision-making, from a reliable source you can trust, I would be very surprised.

Most likely, it is the countable meaning of 'senses', or just really bad English. Eg writing "common senses" instead of "common sense is".

Check the examples you see and see if you find any that you can't discount.

Posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018 3:40:06 PM

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The Museum of Modern Art (in Manhattan) had an exhibition called "Common Senses" in 2012.

Common Senses is a multisensory environment at the intersection of education, design, and art that aims to foster our evolving relationships with nature, technology, and our everyday surroundings through community interactions and creative play.

There was also a film made in 2005 called "Common Senses".
The Architecture exhibition section of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival of 2018 will be called "Common / Senses".

That was all I found in five pages of search on Google UK - all the other entries were for 'common sense'.

There is no normal phrase "common senses".

The n-gram viewer did find a few (very few) books with these two words used together -

Several psychology/sociology books talk about the common sense shown by different groups of people. The common senses of these groups appear to be different (they will make different decisions).

". . . it allows us to speak about various common senses in various social groups or communities. Thus, we might conclude, that there is no single common sense but there are various common senses which not overlapping each other, even to the point of being inconsistent. It is obvious that people acknowledge as the truest or most valuable the common sense of their own social group, whereas they consider the other "common senses" as false, wrong or less ..."

One uses the combination as thar explained.
"All you need to troubleshoot a hydraulic system are four tools provided by nature, your "common senses": sight, hearing, touch, and smell."

Several grammar and linguistics works talk about words having common senses.
One of the senses of "box" is the same as one of the senses of "fight".
These words have some common senses.

Wyrd bið ful aræd - bull!
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