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Vienna - Top World City for Quality of Living Options
Posted: Saturday, February 3, 2018 2:07:41 PM

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This article about Vienna, Austria, was in an insert in the Toronto Star of the Forever Young Publication in Burlington this morning. Vienna is rated by Mercer as the best place to live in the world for quality of living. I found it extra interesting because every New Year I make sure to record on PBS TV the Vienna Philharmonic Concert program of the music of the Strauss Dynasty. You have to swipe left several times to find the story on the first link. (There's an article about the Trapp Family Lodge right before it.) So I also included a link from another article about Vienna.

I so enjoy the concert - the music, the waltzing, the ballet, and the gorgeous flowers and decorations of the hall. As well in past recent years Julie Andrews took the viewers around Vienna showing us the beautiful and memorable sites and the art and the creations from fine bone china, with lots of history interspersed. This year it was Downton Abbeys' Hugh Bonneville who took over her job. It is a popular show all over the world so some of you may watch it too. Tickets are very hard to come by.

Link shows top ten best cities around the World. Vancouver, BC, is 5th, with cities from Germany, Switzerland, Denmar, New Zealand, and Australia dominating the list.

Does anybody have any further insights or bits of information about this beautiful city if you've visited there in your travels so I can travel there vicariously? Pix would be the best!

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Posted: Saturday, February 3, 2018 3:44:34 PM

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I've watched couple of times New Year Vienna Philharmonic Concert on TV so I know more than roughly what it is about.

I think that you should consider Apfel Strudel and Schnitzel.
Without at least those two above your visit to Vienna might have been deemed strangeThink .

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Posted: Sunday, February 4, 2018 3:56:37 PM

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It's "Vienna" in English, "Wien" in German and "Beč" in Croatian and Serbian. We adopted the Hungarian word for Vienna, "Bécs". I wonder how and when it happened. It would have been natural to adopt the German word.

We have an expression which translates literally to "Vienna school". We use it informally, and jokingly, for a person who shows nice manners. Especially if a man is nice to ladies.
Posted: Sunday, February 4, 2018 5:57:11 PM

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This is a personal view, not meant to be a downer!
I worked in Hungary for a while a few years ago and hopped a train when I could to various places including Vienna. Found it a bit sedate, complacent, too large-scale, - too 'designed', - although friendly enough. Prague very interesting, although far too touristy. Bratislava, though - overlooked gem, great energy, grittiness, pride without pretentiousness.

But I think that says more about me than Vienna (not keen on crowds. To me, the best part of a city is the train station out to the country!) Whistle
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