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Posted: Saturday, January 13, 2018 10:21:12 AM
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Ah yes, to be passionate like a Bacchante, like a Bacchanal fleeing through the woods, to call on Iacchos, the bright phallos that had no independent personality behind it, but was pure god-servant to the woman!

The excerpt comes from here:

Iacchos, as I found out, is another spelling for Iacchus, a Greek deity that's sometimes associated with Bacchus (wine god Dionysus). But the description of Iacchos has nothing in common with what is being described here. The god he serves is a man, and he does not take on the form of a phallos (a penis, I asume). Did I misunderstand something?
Posted: Saturday, January 13, 2018 10:41:40 AM

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This is literature, not accurate mythology. He is going on about sex, and getting a bit carried away. Just go with it.

I must looked it up - tapparently this is not the same as Bacchus, it is just sometimes associated with him because they sound similar..
A minor deity, part of the ceremony of Dionysus (aka Bacchus).

In English 'Bacchus', bacchanal, all that - it has taken its own meaning of drunken partying, sex, orgy - basically unrestrained excess, wildness. That is the image he is depicting (not the party, but the drive, the lack of control, the hedonism)

"Iacchos" is derived from the word to cry out - an exclamation. Think "Yikes!" Whistle

But don't try to be too logical, if your research doesn't fit the story. This is lurid prose.Whistle
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