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Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. (1710) Options
Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017 12:00:00 AM
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Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. (1710)

The only colonial governor to side with the colonists in the American Revolution, Trumbull made Connecticut a principal source of supplies for the Continental army. It is said that the name "Brother Jonathan," a humorous designation for the American people collectively, arose from an affectionate nickname George Washington gave to Trumbull during the war. How did Trumbull reply to a request for assistance from British General Thomas Gage after the Battles of Lexington and Concord? More...
Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017 5:10:44 AM

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(T)he only colonial governor at the start of the Revolution to take up the rebel cause could be set as an example of an dissenting opinion. In this instance, the dissenting opinion which actually prevailed over majority opinion.

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Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017 8:28:13 AM

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Jonathan Trumbull
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Jonathan Trumbull
Jonathan Trumbull, Sr.
Jonathan Trumbull engraving circa 1855.jpg
Governor of the Connecticut Colony
In office
Governor of Connecticut
In office
Lieutenant Matthew Griswold
Succeeded by Matthew Griswold
Personal details
Born October 12, 1710
Lebanon, Connecticut
Died August 17, 1785 (aged 74)
Lebanon, Connecticut
Political party None
Spouse(s) Faith Robinson
Children Joseph Trumbull
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr.
Faith Trumbull
Mary Trumbull
David Trumbull
John Trumbull
Alma mater Harvard University

Jonathan Trumbull, Sr. (October 12, 1710 – August 17, 1785) (the original spelling, "Trumble", was changed for an unknown reason) was one of the few Americans who served as governor in both a pre-Revolutionary colony and a post-Revolutionary state. During the American Revolution he was one of a very few colonial governors who supported the American side.

Trumbull College at Yale, the town of Trumbull, Connecticut, Trumbull County, Ohio, once part of the Connecticut Western Reserve and the mascot of The University of Connecticut, is named "Jonathan" in his honor.
Early life

Trumbull was born in Lebanon, Connecticut, the son of Joseph Trumbull (1678–1755) and his wife, Hannah Trumbull (née Higley). The patriarch of the Trumbull family was the immigrant John Trumbull (1612-1687), from Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, who was Joseph's grandfather. Jonathan graduated from Harvard College with a B.A. in 1727; three years after graduation, during which time he studied theology under the Rev. Solomon Williams at Lebanon, and was licensed to preach at Colchester, Connecticut, this became a Master of Arts degree. He became a merchant with his father in 1731, participating more fully in the business after the death of his brother at sea in 1732. From 1733-1740, he was a delegate to the general assembly, and, in 1739-40, was Speaker of the House. He was appointed lieutenant colonel in Connecticut's militia in 1739.

On December 9, 1735, he married Faith Robinson (1718–1780), daughter of Rev. John Robinson. They were the parents of six children including:

Joseph Trumbull (1737–1778), first commissary general of the Continental Army and an early member of the Board of War.
Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. (1740–1809), Aide-de-camp to General George Washington from 1781 to the end of the war; Governor of Connecticut 1798-1809
Faith Trumbull (1743–1775), who married General Jedidiah Huntington
Mary Trumbull (1745–1831), who married William Williams, signer of the Declaration of Independence
David Trumbull (1751–1822), commissary of the Colony of Connecticut
John Trumbull (1756–1843), "Painter of the American Revolution"; aide-de-camp of General George Washington for 19 days in 1775.

He served as deputy-governor of the Colony of Connecticut from 1766–1769, and, on the death of Governor William Pitkin, became Governor of Connecticut in 1769, serving in that capacity until 1784.
Revolutionary War

British General Thomas Gage arrived in Boston, a city with a history of violent protests against British policies, on May 13, 1774. Given the problems he was inheriting from Royal Governor Thomas Hutchinson, within a week of arriving Gage contacted Trumbull and expressed a "readiness to cooperate" with him "for the good of his Majesty's service."[1] When Gage sent Trumbull a request for assistance after the Battles of Lexington and Concord, Trumbull refused and made clear his choice to side with the Patriots. He replied that Gage's troops would "disgrace even barbarians," and he accused Gage of "a most unprovoked attack upon the lives and the property of his Majesty's subjects."[2]

On July 6, 1775, along with other officers, the governor of Connecticut commissioned Nathan Hale as a first lieutenant in the newly raised Seventh Regiment.[3]

Trumbull was a friend and advisor of General Washington throughout the revolutionary period, dedicating the resources of Connecticut to the fight for independence. Washington declared him "the first of the patriots."[4] When Washington was desperate for men or food during the war, he could turn to "Brother Jonathan."[5] He also served as the Continental Army's Paymaster General (Northern Department) in the spring of 1778, until the untimely death of his mother forced him to resign his post. As part of his resignation, he requested that the remainder of his back pay be distributed to the soldiers of the Northern Department.[6]

He was one of only two colonial governors to continue in office after independence (the other was Rhode Island's Nicholas Cooke, who assumed office early in the war).

He received an honorary LL.D. from Yale University in 1775 and from the University of Edinburgh in 1787.

Governor Trumbull died in Lebanon, Connecticut and is buried at the Old Cemetery there. His home in Lebanon, the Jonathan Trumbull House, was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1965.
See also

Trumbull, Connecticut
Trumbull County, Ohio


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Phelps, M. William (2008). Nathan Hale: The Life and Death of America's First Spy, St. Martin's Press.
Lefkowitz, Arthur S.(2003). George Washington's Indispensable Men: The 32 Aides-de-Camp Who Helped Win the Revolution, Stackpole Books.
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External links

Biography, genealogy, chronology and bibliography
Governor Jonathan Trumbull House and Wadsworth Stable
Connecticut State Library
The USGenWeb Project, Fairfield County
Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). "Trumbull, Jonathan". Encyclopædia Britannica (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press.

Political offices
Preceded by
William Pitkin Governor of the Connecticut Colony
1769-76 Succeeded by
as Governor of Connecticut
Preceded by
as Governor of the Connecticut Colony Governor of Connecticut
1776-84 Succeeded by
Matthew Griswold
Governors of Connecticut

Trumbull, Sr. M. Griswold Huntington Wolcott, Sr. Trumbull, Jr. Treadwall R. Griswold Smith Wolcott, Jr. Tomlinson Peters Edwards Foot Edwards Ellsworth Cleveland R. S. Baldwin Toucey Bissell J. Trumbull Seymour Pond Dutton Minor Holley Buckingham Hawley English Jewell English Jewell Ingersoll Hubbard Andrews Bigelow Waller Harrison P. Lounsbury Bulkeley Morris Coffin Cooke G. Lounsbury McLean Chamberlain Roberts Woodruff Lilley Weeks S. Baldwin Holcomb Lake Templeton Bingham J. H. Trumbull Cross R. E. Baldwin Hurley R. E. Baldwin Snow McConaughy Shannon Bowles Lodge Ribicoff Dempsey Meskill Grasso O'Neill Weicker Rowland Rell Malloy

Seal of the Governor of Connecticut.svg
Authority control

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Posted: Thursday, October 12, 2017 1:51:59 PM

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Gone are those days when monks meticulously copied in scriptorium the content of the books.

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