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Just one in general Options
Posted: Thursday, September 7, 2017 2:24:19 AM
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An article (a, an, some, the) gives information about the noun in the noun phrase. It can:

Tell us how many there are; if the article is “a” or “an,” we know there’s only one.
Tell us whether the noun in question is a specific one or just one in general.
Signal to a reader or listener that a noun is just being introduced or that it’s one he’s already seen in a story.


Could you please elaborate on the "one in general" part or type?
Posted: Monday, September 11, 2017 7:54:06 AM
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"One in general" means any one of a thing, not one that has been specified or is about to be specified. For example:

I am reading a book. [it could be any book]
Yes, I have read the book. [the one that has been mentioned earlier]
I have read the book that you lent me. [that particular one]
I was offered a book and a DVD [it could have been any book], and I took the book. [the specific one I have just mentioned]
She has left the country. [this country, the one in which I am speaking]
You cannot learn music if you don't have the aptitude. [the particular aptitude needed to learn music]
He always knows the right answer. [the specific answer that is right in any particular case]
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