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FYI - "The Lancet" Article Says the G20 Just "Flunked" Healthcare Options
Posted: Friday, July 14, 2017 2:23:42 PM

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"The Lancet", G20, and Healthcare
The quote is from a free article you can read by clicking the link in "The Lancet" a respected world medical magazine.

Imagine “Anycountry”. A low-income nation-state with a weak health system. People have begun to report a mysterious respiratory infection that is rapidly fatal. The cause is an unknown virus.” (It spreads.)
“…Last weekend, the new Director-General of WHO, Dr Tedros, addressed G20 Heads of State assembled in Hamburg. It was the first time WHO had been invited to a Summit that is usually focused on finance and economics. His conclusion was fearful: “we are not well prepared”, he concluded. Epidemics “represent some of the greatest risks to the global economy and security that we face today”…

WHO, he said, receives 3000 signals of potential epidemic outbreaks every month. What if one of these outbreaks turned out to be a virus of unprecedented pathogenicity and transmissibility? With 3 billion airline travellers annually, the danger of a global catastrophe was all too real. No amount of wise economics or deft financing could protect the world from disaster. The solution? Universal health coverage as the first-line defence and a foundation for global health security. He called for money, political commitment, a better understanding of country and global weaknesses that would permit an outbreak to take hold, and more research. Did his audience pay attention? Not nearly enough…They flunked.”

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Posted: Friday, July 14, 2017 4:41:47 PM

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The idea that universal health care is the first line of defense seems so obvious, but it is the lack of universal health care that will act as the fuel to the next spark. We've had issues in the US with anti-vaccine cults that have lead to outbreaks of measels and whooping cough. What these dim bulbs have unintentionally done is shown the world that lack of access to health care (either imposed or self inflicted) is not only a danger to those without access, but also to those around them.

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