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Are there two air balls or just one? Options
Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 3:27:46 AM
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Juliet felt her fingers close round the joint. The pressure sped up Mulch's leg in a series of jolts. The dwarf fought to keep his aim true, in spite of the spasms.

Pressure built in his abdomen and exploded through his bum-flap with a dull thump. The only thing Juliet could relate the experience to was crouching beside a mortar. A missile of compressed air shot across the room, heat blur surrounding it like waves of water.

'Too much top-spin,' groaned Mulch. 'I loaded it.'

The air ball spiralled towards the ceiling, shedding layers like an onion.

'Right,' urged Mulch. 'Right a bit.'

The next unlikely missile impacted against the wall a metre ahead of its target.

Basically, Juliet and Mulch was trying to use the power of fart to hit a camera (it's a fantasy novel, don't think too hard on that). There are two things I don't get here:

1) When the air ball flew towards the ceiling, what was shedding layers? Is it the ball losing some air layer, or the ceiling losing some mortar?

2) At the end, it seems like they fired a 2nd volley. But the way Mulch "urged" it make me think of someone watching a basketball flying towards the hoop and praying it will score. So, did they make a 2nd attempt, or was just watching the first attempt progressing the whole time?
Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 5:23:11 AM

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The ball of air from the mortar was heading towards the ceiling, it had not yet hit the ceiling it was the ball of air shedding layers rather than the ceiling losing any plaster.

A mortar in this context is a weapon that is used to fire ammunition into the air at the enemy in a high arc, modern ones are lightweight and carried by infantry men, older ones were much larger.

I would call the material used to create a smooth ceiling Plaster, mortar in building terms is used to adhere bricks together.

I think "Right" and "right at bit" refers to Mulch altering his aim by shifting the direction his rectum was pointing before releasing another flatus, rather than just watching the first one, so there would be two balls of air "fired".

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