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a brace of slugs Options
Posted: Monday, May 15, 2017 11:50:01 AM
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The two muskets I loaded with a brace of slugs each, and four or five smaller bullets, about the size of pistol bullets; and the fowling-piece I loaded with near a handful of swan-shot of the largest size; I also loaded my pistols with about four bullets each; and, in this posture, well provided with ammunition for a second and third charge, I prepared myself for my expedition.

-Robinson Crusoe

From what I know, slugs are a type of bullet that often use in shotgun, but I've never heard of them being used with the word "brace". What does the phrase mean?
Posted: Monday, May 15, 2017 12:20:34 PM

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The clue is in the next part of the sentence
...And four or five smaller bullets.
So 'a brace' is the number of something - two slugs.


15. pl. brace : A pair of like things: three brace of partridges

brace noun (PAIR)
plural brace
two things of the same type, especially two wild birds that have been killed for sport or food:
a brace of pheasants

Sounds like a recipe for blowing our own head off! Whistle
Posted: Monday, May 15, 2017 1:00:26 PM

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Robinson Crusoe was a man with some experience of life at sea and would have been familiar with the concept of 'double-shotting' a cannon.
In combat a cannon would be loaded with 2 cannonballs which would double the weight of shot fired at the enemy, but reduce the range that the balls were fired.

Double shot – Two round shot or other projectiles loaded in one gun and fired at the same time. Double-shotting lowered the effective range and accuracy of the gun, but could be devastating within pistol shot range—that is, when ships drew close enough for a pistol shot to reach between the two ships. To avoid bursting the gun, reduced powder charges were used. Guns sometimes were double-shotted with canister or grape on top of ball, or even triple-shotted with very small powder charges which still were enough to cause horrible wounds at close range.

He is applying the same idea to his muskets and pistols.

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