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Hundreds of Palestinian prisoners start hunger strike to demand basic rights as Israeli jails' condi Options
Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2017 7:45:01 PM
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Some 1,500 Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel launched a mass hunger strike on Monday to press for basic rights and shed light on the difficult humanitarian conditions inside Israeli prisons, according to the Palestinian Prisoners Center for Studies.

The open-ended hunger strike, one of the largest in recent years, coincides with Palestinian Prisoners Day, annually commemorated on April 17. Led by jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti, the strike will see Palestinian prisoners from across the political spectrum participate from within six prisons inside Israel.

"They have central demands and will continue to fast until they achieve them. The prisoners see hunger striking as the only door they can knock on to attain their rights," Amina al-Taweel, the centre's spokesperson, told Al Jazeera.

"Even though it is one of the most dangerous and difficult decisions, they are only making this choice because conditions [inside the prisons] have reached a new low," said al-Taweel.

Rallies are expected to take place across major Palestinian cities in the occupied territories including Ramallah, Hebron and Nablus, in solidarity with the plight of prisoners.

Posted: Friday, April 21, 2017 12:47:28 AM
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I was reading the very interested article about the "Palestinian" "prisoners" But are they relay starving? BUT you don't know! I Know better then Anyone!!!
There conditions as prisoners are better then any guy i know in Israel ...
actually I`m my self I've been in same prison, but as an Israeli army in prison, in different section...i was sitting in jail due to Refuse Order from Israeli army Chif Commander To take Israeli citizens out from there homes,
and to give it for peace and politics! any way until today this day the Jewish Familys dont have Homes, and still need to pay mortgage on the broken homes they give it to Arabic for peace and got more war all reasons to the Palestinian "citizens" this is today's Gaza,
And let me tell you that you are talking about MURDERERS??!! do you know them? well i use to work and live with them in Israel!
this Murderers Gets Every month 12,800 Shekel (Israeli money) they get Every day food from restaurants! to there jail! ( Like McDonald and more!) they have tvs In Every rooms and the best cables and What Ever they want , like A SKILL in university to be doctor ! and much more,and 3 Times a Week there Family's are coming to see them...... when there family's coming they come with luxury cars (in Israel the price of any car is 3 times from USA)
So.. The Murders get reward and its better the to work in Israel and get 5,000 Shekels a month ... Do you know Way? Because they want all the Jewish Under Water ! so!! if you want to ask me anything i can answer you and show you documents from History and also WHAT the Jewish conditions of Living is Israel and Show you as well the Conditions of WHAT THE ARTICLE talking about the "palastinians"
next Email you will see something that you can check online if its true or not.

Anyway i hop my English is Ok , and ill start on Sunday to Lorn more for my GED, and wanted to ask you to take DOWN this "article" thats any way FAKE NEWS and its Cheering FOR TERROR and if you have any more articles like that ill like to see it,
So i can show to the relevant person...
Posted: Friday, April 21, 2017 1:27:18 AM

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Dear Shoameli,
Your English is OK because I have no problem to understand you.
I am glad that I may say it first, you are welcome.
Posted: Friday, April 21, 2017 6:25:27 AM
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My posts clearly show the hypocrisy of western politicians. They have nothing to do with Humanitarianism.
They say nothing about some crimes and say lots of things about some crimes.

I know my posts are not welcome because they show crimes they don't want to talk about. They want to hide them.
It is enough to me to understand. Bye!
Posted: Friday, April 21, 2017 5:56:09 PM
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Joined: 7/30/2016
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