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gossiping? INDONESIAN users (preferably, Javanese) please help Options
Posted: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 11:05:09 PM

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What's the best word for ngrasani or rasan-rasan in English? Okay, ngrasani is very Javanese, maybe a more common word in Indonesian is ngomongin orang, but I think ngrasani has a much stonger feel.
So what's the best English word for it? I tried gossiping and badmouthing but somehow I don't think they have the same strength as ngrasani. Or do they?

For non-Indonesian users:
What's the best verb for talking behind one's back? The talk is usually about one's flaw, one's mistake, one's fault, one's disgrace, blaming one for one's difficult situation, etc.

Your reply would be much appreciated~! Angel

Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2017 12:16:18 AM

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This is the best one I can think of:

back·bite v. back·bit (-bĭt′), back·bit·ten (-bĭt′n), back·bit·ing, back·bites
To speak spitefully or slanderously about (another).
To speak spitefully or slanderously about a person.

American Heritage

backbite vb, -bites, -biting, -bit, -bitten or -bit
to talk spitefully about (an absent person)
backbiting n
spiteful talk about an absent person

Collins English Dictionary

There are some synonyms, but they are all quite a bit more formal, and don't necessarily mean "behind one's back" - they more just mean "lie about" or "complain about".
asperse, calumniate, defame, malign, slander, slur, tear down, traduce, vilify.

There is one idiomatic phrase - again it means more just "to talk badly about", but not "behind one's back".
"To cast aspersions on someone"
It is mostly used now in joking terms. When someone says something bad about you - but not nastily, just commenting on something you did - you may say it deliberately wrong "There's no need to cast nasturtiums!"
Nasturtiums are flowers.

Wyrd bið ful aræd - bull!
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