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12 Arabic verb tenses - help required Options
Furkan Gözükara
Posted: Friday, March 31, 2017 8:23:54 AM

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Hello everyone. I am working on a very big and advanced dictionary project

The difference of this dictionary will be all relations between words

For this purpose, i am adding all tenses of all verbs with relations

However, Arabic is really hard. So far i have done this for English and Turkish

Could you give me explanation of these below tenses with examples? I dont ask for pronouns. I mean like single , female , muscular, dual etc. I just need timings at the moment. Thank you

1 : Past tense , كَتَبْتُ I wrote (this one is simple) - past active indicative (correct?)
2 : Future , أَكْتُبُ i am writing tomorrow , i am writing now , non-past active indicative (correct?)
3 : Imperative , اُكْتُبْ - I order you to write (correct?)
4 : اُكْتُبَنَّ - this is called as confirmed imperative but i dont know how to translate it
5 : Jussive Future : أَكْتُبْ non-past active jussive a mood of a verb used to indicate a command, permission or agreement with a request (distinct from the imperative). How is this being distinct from imperative? I need an example
6 : Subjunctive Future : أَكْتُبَ non-past active subjunctive I were rich, .. (correct?) in this word it is like if i were writing ? or what how to translate it?
7 : Confirmed Future : أَكْتُبَنَّ - how to translate this?
8 : كُتِبْتُ past passive : how to translate this?
9 : أُكْتَبُ non-past passive indicative the ball was kicked (by the boy) (correct?) in this case how to translate?
10 : Passive Jussive Future : أُكْتَبْ : how to translate this?
11 : Passive Subjunctive Future : أُكْتَبَ how to translate this?
12 : PassiveConfirmedFuture : أُكْتَبَنَّ : how to translate this?
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