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Donald Swenson
Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 8:47:28 AM
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I do not understand, why the English army attacking Macbeth picks up branches?Think
hedy mmm
Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 9:58:37 AM

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Welcome to TFD Donald Swenson,

I jumped on your thread because William Shakespeare's works have been a favorite of mine since college. I had an English Lit professor who taught us all to love Shakespeare...Macbeth, although most tragic is my favorite. 50 yrs later i still recall the verses I memorized...they still bring such joy.
Below are 2 excerpts that address the trees you asked about. I've included at the bottom, a ref for your reading enjoyment.

The Tragedy of Macbeth: Plot
Act 5, Scene 4
...Malcolm orders his men to each cut a branch from a tree from Birnam forest to provide camouflage as they attack the castle. Malcolm's command to carry the boughs signals the true end of Macbeth, for Birnam Wood is moving toward Dunsinane.
Act 5, Scene 5
...A messenger enters and reports that he has seen something unbelievable: as he looked out toward Birnam Wood, it appeared that the forest began to move toward the castle. Macbeth is stunned and begins to fear that the witch's words may come true after all. He instructs his men to ring the alarm.

"God graced us with today....don't waste it." hedy
Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 10:21:33 AM

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As to why they did it.....

The same reason as any soldier who doesn't want to get shot at! Whistle
Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 9:42:40 PM

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hedy mmm wrote:
I've included at the bottom, a ref for your reading enjoyment.

Hey! Shakespeare and the Ents!
An interesting article.

Wyrd bið ful aræd - bull!
Jyrkkä Jätkä
Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2017 4:27:36 AM

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In Finnish and Estonian mythology it was believed that a forest can start moving because of the evilness of people.
(Kalevala and Kalevipoeg)

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018 4:40:25 AM
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Macbeth is my favorite work of Shakespeare, re-read it many times and once thought about new topics for example fair is foul and foul is fair, I just found a good article on this topic, I understand the topic is not new, but still you can open a lot for yourself
Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018 4:53:55 AM

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It was a mediaeval way of gatecrashing rock festivals.

All good ideas arrive by chance- Max Ernst
Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018 5:50:17 PM

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OK, I'll bite an old thread.


What I love most about Macbeth (apart from 'if the assassination could trammel up the consequence, and catch with his surcease success" - I mean, the man can write!) is the fact it is such propaganda. And we think that is so recent.

Duncan was a totally crappy king, by historical accounts. Macbeth probably wasn't a lot better but he couldn't have been worse - but Duncan was the great (x27) grandfather of Elizabeth I - so if you are going to make up a story, and you want to keep your entertainment licence, and your head, it's very advisable to make him the good guy! Whistle

Duncan I ( 1034 - 1040 )

1034 - Duncan I succeeds to the Scottish throne
1040 - Duncan is killed in a civil war. His cousin, Macbeth, succeeds

Macbeth ( 1040 - 1057 )

1040 - Macbeth becomes king
1050 - Macbeth goes on a pilgrimage to Rome
1054 - Macbeth’s forces defeated at Dunsinane by a combined army of English, Norse and lowland Scots under Siward Earl of Northumberland
1057 - Macbeth is slain at the Battle of Lumphanan by Malcolm, son of Duncan I

Lulach ( 1057 - 1058 )

1057 - Lulach, Macbeth's stepson, ascended the throne and was crowned at Scone
1058 - King Lulach killed by Malcolm III at Essie, Strathbogie

Malcolm III ( 1058 - 1093 )

1058 - Malcolm III (Canmore) crowned
1069 - Malcolms married his 2nd wife Margaret of Wessex daughter Edgar the Aetheling who had been deposed by William I the Conqueror
1070 - Malcolm attacks Northumbria and Cumbria intent on expanding his kingdom into northern England.
1091 - The Norman forces of King William II of England advance North and capture Carlisle and Cumbria
1092 - At Abernethy Malcolm is forced to submit to the Normans who take his son Duncan and brother-in-law Edgar Aetheling as hostages
1093 - Malcolm invades England but is killed at the Battle of Alnwick. He is succeeded by his brother Donald II (Donald Blane)

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