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Child molester sues N.Y. rabbi over tweets Options
Posted: Friday, August 5, 2016 3:23:26 PM
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I am not sure if this matches the definition of a frivolous lawsuit, but it sure does seem to be the very definition of that wonderful Yiddish word, Chutzpah. It seems that a convicted New York child molester successfully sued a rabbi in Israel after the rabbi warned people there that a sex offender was living among them.

According to the rabbi, the convicted child molester moved to Israel from NY, the state in which he had been convicted for his crimes. He served time for sexually abusing two boys while working as a tutor. According to the article, "On Twitter, (the rabbi)Horowitz warned (the child molester) Weinberg’s neighbors of his Level 3 sex-offender status in New York, a designation for those most likely to re-offend."

Weinberg won approximately $55,000 dollars from him, because " In Israel, a plaintiff can win a defamation suit by showing that negative things have been said or written about him. But unlike in the United States, he does not have to prove his reputation, livelihood or social standing have been harmed, according to legal experts." While "the judgment was removed, the case is set to go to trial in November."

It's important to note here that currently Weinberg is wanted in NY for sexual abuse and that if he leaves Israel and goes back to NY, he will have charges brought against him. BTW, he only fled to Israel because he was wanted in NY, and apparently Israel gives sanctuary to any Jewish person who wants to live there, even if the person was born somewhere other than Israel.

I think that the rabbi does ask a couple of valid questions: “How can you slander a sex offender?” and “If somebody is out there (molesting) children, how do you ruin his reputation?” Also, the rabbi says that Weinberg wanted to settle the case for approximately $400 US dollars, but the rabbi says he won't pay and vows that "“I will fight to the end."

The rabbi is totally right here, I think. This is a case in which the original lawsuit was brought about because the wanted child molester is upset that when people in Israel found out what he did in NY, he knew he would not have the opportunity to abuse more children there. It is clear that if the rabbi had not alerted the people in Israel of the monster living among them, it would only be a matter of time before he sexually abused more kids. So I say "BRAVO" to the rabbi for saving many children from this monster.

Well, I would love to hear what others of you think about this issue.

The link below has both the article and a video in which the rabbi explains what happened.

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