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Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse of Children Options
Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2016 9:52:56 PM

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In the last few years we have had a Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions, ranging over many years.

There appears to be no Statute of Limitations for the memories of children, some now of mature age.

Institutions investigated have been of the main stream religions Catholic, Anglican and even the Salvation


The Catholic Church has been in the spotlight with Australia's highest ranking catholic priest Cardinal George Pell,

being questioned via computer link from Rome.

George Pell claimed he was too ill to return to Australia to testify, after facing the Commissioner when he was here last.

Crowd funding financed victims and their legal teams to go to Rome to be in the same room as Pell as he gave two days of evidence.

The history of the Catholic church has been to transfer pedophile priest from parish to parish, not to inform the

police and protecting the church above children's welfare.

Pell's testimony was he didn't know of these offenses even though he had shared accommodation with one of the worst offenders.

The evidence from Rome was in AEDT, I was riveted to the telecast to hear this man's testimony whilst he tried to

distance himself from any prior knowledge.

Pell is report to be the most hated man in Australia.

Posted: Friday, March 18, 2016 5:51:36 AM

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You read about these stories coming out of so many countries in the last few years. And you have to assume that anywhere nothing has been exposed, it is just because they are still hidden.

The abusers you can understand. They are criminals - they joined the organisation to abuse, or found they could and took advantage.
But the ones who covered it up - those are unfathomable. They knew what was going on, they threatened victims to keep them silent, they moved priests on to other locations knowing they would abuse again. These were churchmen, who had pledged their lives to 'doing good' and serving their congregation - and yet in the name of 'protecting their religion' they deliberately and knowingly abetted abuse and rape, against the most vulnerable members of that congregation.

That is hard to understand. That is impossible to understand.

No wonder people are distancing themselves from organised religion, if they repeatedly see this evidence of the sociopathic priority of the churches - that protecting the reputation of the cult and protecting your fellow priests from the law of the land justifies losing your human decency, committing crimes, and knowingly destroying lives.

I hope Australia gets some kind of justice out of all this - and Pell starts to grow up and take some responsibility.
Posted: Friday, March 18, 2016 7:06:53 AM

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Thar I think Pell has lead a very protected academic life and only he can truthfully know how much he knew of these crimes.

Some of these criminals have been jailed and some are dead of course, but I can only hope this Royal Commission has been cathartic for the survivors.

The priests called to give evidence before the relentless Commissioner and his legal team who were incredibly well informed, appeared little men

stripped of all decency and self pride.
Posted: Friday, March 18, 2016 9:10:34 AM

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I get the impression that to get to senior management in the Catholic church, you have to be a skilled politician. The idea that all these bishops didn't know what was going on, or believed the priests when then said the children were lying, or that they would never do it again - it just doesn't wash. They were more than blinkered, they were willfully covering up.

But I also blame the parents for going to the church, not the police. Sometimes the police are unwilling to follow up, but some parents seem to have behaved in the same way as the bishops, in keeping it 'within the church'.
They place too much power in the hands of the priests, and don't take responsibility as parents.

In the 1990s, a catholic bishop in the Netherlands was known to have sexually abused boys - so he was sent to be the Bishop of Reykjavik (which covers the whole of Iceland). While there he covered up abuse by another priest.

There are only a few thousand Catholics in Iceland, and there is no regional archbishop - the bishop reports directly to the Pope.
Rome used Iceland as a low-profile dumping ground for abusers, and knowingly fostered a climate of clerical abuse.

Reuters 2014

Deceased Dutch Catholic bishop was child molester - commission
The Dutch Catholic Church, in a rare admission of guilt among senior clergy, has confirmed that a bishop who died last year had sexually abused two boys decades earlier.

The diocese of Roermond said a Church commission had found that accusations against former bishop Johannes Gijsen, dating back to his time as chaplain at a minor seminary from 1958 to 1961, were "well founded".

The admission came on Friday, the same day that Pope Francis made his first public plea for forgiveness for "all the evil" committed by priests who molested children, and said the Church had to do more to discipline wayward clerics.

Mea Culpa, a Dutch group supporting abuse victims, welcomed the Roermond statement. But it said the accusations had been made while Gijsen was alive, and noted critically that "complaints against living suspects are often declared unfounded".

Bishop Frans Wiertz, current head of Roermond diocese, said he accepted the commission's findings and "regrets the abuse and suffering inflicted on the victims". He has personally met the two men and apologised to them, he said.

The Church's statement put Gijsen, who headed the diocese in south-eastern Netherlands from 1972 to 1993, among the few senior Catholic clergy worldwide found guilty of abuse.

Katholiek Nieuwsblad, the weekly that broke the story, said the commission found Gijsen had groped the two boys and forced one to perform oral sex.

Gijsen had been confronted with the oral sex accusation in 2011, but denied knowing his accuser. The commission reopened his case a week after Gijsen died because it received the second complaint of improper genital touching, the weekly said. It concluded that Gijsen's denial was not credible because the victim's family had said he used to visit them.


Gijsen was one of several strict conservative bishops whom the Vatican appointed in the Netherlands - often over the protests of priests and parishioners - to roll back the strongly reformist turn that the Church took there in the 1960s.

He officially stepped down as bishop of Roermond in 1993 on health grounds, but later served as bishop of the tiny Catholic community in Iceland from 1996 to 2007. An abuse commission there accused him of covering up molestation by another priest.

Few bishops have been accused of active abuse in the scandal, which has been rocking the Catholic Church for over two decades. Most of the prelates who have stepped down did so for covering up the misdeeds of their priests.

Two cardinals - Hans Hermann Groer of Vienna and Edinburgh's Keith O'Brien - quit in disgrace amid accusations of sexual misconduct with seminarians. A Belgian bishop, Roger Vangheluwe of Bruges, stepped down after admitting molesting his nephew.

The Vatican has been investigating sexual abuse allegations against Archbishop Josef Wesolowski, its former nuncio (ambassador) to the Dominican Republic, since last September. His whereabouts and the status of his case are not known.

Pope Francis, who has been criticised by victims' support groups for not taking a sufficiently strong stand against sexual abuse, last month named a high-level group including an Irish abuse victim to help fight sexual abuse in the Church.

That came after the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child accused the Church in February of systematically turning a blind eye to clerical sexual abuse of minors. The Vatican called its report "distorted" and "unfair".

Terry McKiernan, founder of the website, which documents abuse cases, welcomed the pope's latest comments but said victims wanted to see Church leaders taken to task for allowing abuse to continue.

"The best thing he could have done today would have been to step up to the microphone and announce that he is beginning to remove bishops who have behaved criminally in keeping priests in ministries where they don't belong," he said.

(Reporting By Tom Heneghan)

Yeah - found guilty only after he is dead. The senior clergy knew what he was doing when he was doing it, and they sent him to Iceland to do it somewhere else.
And those senior clergy are all still in power. And still not taking any responsibility.
Posted: Friday, March 18, 2016 5:29:04 PM
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Nothing new in this on-going cover-up by the Catholic Church. There is evidence of this in many countries and all we can say is SHAME on the those who have participated in and perpetuated this most heinous crime against children, believers, etc. The Catholic Church is not the only religious group to be culpable in this type of abuse though they seem to hold the torch. In our global awareness, others such as 'radical' Muslims are well up there with abuse of women, children, all in the name of a deity who I doubt would support such abusive actions. Then there are the dictators such as in North Korea who manipulate the minds of their people into total submission... Where are we as a species????
Posted: Friday, March 18, 2016 11:28:30 PM

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It is not only in far-flung countries like Korea, ellana.

Here in the UK, evidence of the Metropolitan police 'dropping' investigations because they 'came too near to Members of Parliament' - and of parliament blocking investigations into senior police officers - has been dug up over the past few years. A few convictions, but very few compared to the numbers of people mentioned by the accusers.
All organised by one of the top psych 'child care specialists' in the UK bringing kids from 'care homes' to parties for abuse.

Dolphin Square Parties

Wyrd bið ful aræd - bull!
Posted: Sunday, March 20, 2016 2:13:00 AM

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During the evidence given by Pell, the Commissioners asked why he wasnt aware of the offenses against these children when he was a Priest and then

Bishop, Pells reply was "They were different times in the world", the Commissioner replied "When has pedophilia ever been acceptable?" a breathtaking

moment when the broken lives were there before him, both men and women who had been abused and parents who had lost children to suicide because of

the abuse from these depraved priests.

The ingrained protection by the church given to these criminals over 60 years had allowed these spiders to continue with their abuse on other children.

Posted: Thursday, March 24, 2016 9:04:36 PM

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Happy Good Friday, when Jesus rose from the dead, signified by Easter eggs of chocolate, a time of re-birth and renewal.

Goodness me, Tovarish making a religious comment, well wouldn't that make you roll over in your grave.
Posted: Friday, March 25, 2016 2:06:08 AM

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Yes, especially as he got crucified on Good Friday. Not so good.
Had to wait the mandatory three day waiting period for the whole resurrection thing to kick in.
So everyone gets a long weekend.....

Happy Easter, Tov!


And you know that whole rebirth, eggs, bunnies - that is all pagan festival of Eastre, the Goddess of spring and fertility, celebrated at the Spring equinox (see Drago's post).
I think it is called latching on to a current market position. Like Christmas being at midwinter solstice Yule.
(I know, it is not spring down there. These religious festivals are situational - they lose something in translation when you start moving around the world!)
Most European languages call it some variation of Paska (Passover - I know, bizarre, naming the most important point in the Christian faith after a completely unrelated Jewish celebration Brick wall Never quite got that)
but the Germanic languages (English and German, not Dutch) don't even pretend it is a wholly Christian (or even Abrahamic) festival, and just keep calling it Easter/Ostern. Never did them any harm.

It seems Christ is a cool dude, he doesn't stress about that stuff. Very Australian... Whistle
Posted: Friday, March 25, 2016 5:14:05 AM

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Location: Booligal, New South Wales, Australia
Thank you thar, no we Aussies don't take religion too seriously, I am actually a Church of England, C of E, you know Christmas and Easter.

Really most Aussies are more interested in good food, family and copious quantities of sport to watch than going to church.
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