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Cancer May Be More Within Our Control Than We Thought Options
Posted: Saturday, December 19, 2015 5:00:00 AM
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Cancer May Be More Within Our Control Than We Thought

We all know that cancer's development has to do with some combination of luck–the genes we inherit–and lifestyle–the choices we make each day about diet and exercise, smoking and drinking. But a study earlier in the year in Science had suggested, ... More...
Posted: Saturday, December 19, 2015 12:21:16 PM

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Live on fish & salad, exercise daily, drink in moderation, die of boredom! Speak to the hand
Posted: Saturday, December 19, 2015 2:08:03 PM

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NHF - sorry but I have to disagree. You don't have to smoke and drink to have a good time. (There's always sex. Whistle )

I do not miss smoking - quit in 1975. And twenty to twenty-five minutes of exercise three times a week, walking instead of taking the elevator, and moving the rest of the time - not so bad. (Sex is good exercise. Whistle )

There are lots of good tasting foods that are good for you.

I love fruits and veggies - unfortunately they are what cross-react with grass/tree/weed/mold pollens and so I have difficulty eating a lot of them. I feel deprived, not bored. I can never bite into another fresh peach again, or have peanut or almond butter. Nothing with soy in it and many other foods to be careful with.

I used to love donuts, gave them up 35 years ago, but felt deprived. So one day a few years ago I tried one - I did not finish it. It tasted like too-sweet glue. Same with a soft drink. Sugar water. Your tastes adjust. I had a bit of wine with friends the other night - got a migraine aura. Alcohol is a poison that your body must detox so no big loss to have to drink grape juice instead. One's attitude can adjust too.

I am rarely bored - keep myself busy as I always have a project on the go.

I do all I can to eat well, take supplements, drink filtered water, and avoid chemicals as much as possible. I am glad my body made me change my lifestyle as most people don't change until they are sick enough - and sometimes it is too late with cancer. My husband changed his lifestyle too after he had had two bouts of aggressive cancer, the last one being thirteen years ago. So far, we are both well and hope it stays that way.

We have lost many friends to cancer recently - another lovely lady friend down the hall is being tested right now and it does not look good. I looks like metastasized ovarian cancer. I already lost a good friend to that. Damn cancer anyhow.

So if there is something one can do to avoid cancer, please listen and take the opportunity before it is too late.

JUSTIN Excellence
Posted: Saturday, December 19, 2015 4:45:31 PM

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Wer das angestrengte Nachdendken über wissenschaftliche Probleme kennt, der fühlt sich nie leer und einsam und zudern erlangt er einen festen Stand gegenüber dem Wechsel des Schicksals.

Aus Albert Einstein's Brief

Those who are familiar with intensive thinking about scientific problems never feel empty or lonely; in addition, they acquire a strong hold on the turns of fate.

Facsimile of Albert Einstein's letter

As we face the future of cancer care, it is clear that we are in store for more advances in technology, diagnostics and treatment that have the potential to win the war on cancer... In this post, Alice discussed a diverse set of carcinogenesis mechanisms with emphasis in prevention by "lifestyle choice". I would like to stress some more for this aspect:

1. Do not eat fatty food, smoked meat, fried foods, margarine, pork, red meat and egg-fried food
2. Do not drink alcohol
3. Do not smoke
4. Sustain high physical activity and do not be obese
5. Restrict the intake of refined sugar and white flour products
6. Use plant oil, but not margarine
7. Legumes, fish, low-fat dairy products and Bulgarian yoghourt are good source of proteins
8. Consume at least 5 times per day fruits and vegetables (pears, melons, water melons, grapes, peaches, onion, garlic, pepper)
9. Prefer poultry, white meat, hares and fish from the meat
10. Healthy cooking includes decrease of the fat added in the food, reduction of the cooking temperature and refraining from the use of grilled food
11. Do not use regularly laxatives
12. Avoid contact with petrol
13. Avoid usage of preserved foods and prefer local, season`s, fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables
14. Fasting is good
15. Do endoscopic polypectomy if you have adenomatous colorectal polyps
16. Eradicate Helicobacter pylori if you are infected
17. Use daily acetylsalicylic acid if you do not have any contraindications
18. Make a screening colonoscopy after you reach 50 years, and if you are in risk group (familial predisposed to colorectal cancer or associated localization – stomach, endometrium, breast, ovary or if you have preceding polypectomy) – after you reach 40 years. Consider genetic testing if you are in risk groups

[Source ~ World Cancer Research Fund and American Institute for Cancer Research, Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer: A Global Perspective (1997) Washington, DC: Banta Books]

Cancer cells do not exist in isolation; instead, they closely interact with blood vessels, inflammatory cells, and fibroblasts in a unique tumor microenvironment characterized by hypoxia and acidosis. It is increasingly recognized that in addition to killing cancer cells, targeting the components of the tumor microenvironment can help develop more effective approaches for cancer prevention and therapy. Finally, the tumors comprise not just cancer cells and these cancer cells are continuously evolving. It is necessary to target multiple cell components and molecular pathways (both cancer cell-intrinsic and microenvironment-related) in order to devise more effective strategies for the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Under the Roman domination, the Greeks lost the self-confidence that belongs to political liberty, and in losing it acquired a paralysing respect for their predecessors.

Russell, B.: A History of Western Philosophy
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