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Coraline Auriane Magneron
Posted: Saturday, November 7, 2015 12:35:41 PM

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Bonjour, j'ai écris un texte que je vais lire à l'oral est'ce que vous pourriez corriger les fautes de grammaire et d'orthographe car je n'arrive pas moi même, merci d'avance.

I will start by difining the american dream.
First, in song, a man migrates to United-State who for him represents the wealth. When he says "We made the steel that built the cities", he tells us that America also represents the opportunities of jobs.
Then, the caricature shows the power in America in partilcular through the mount Rushmore wich shows the heads of four symbolic presidents of USA.
After, we see Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley who represents a better life becausethey started from scratch.
Finally, The statue of Liberty symbolizes the freedom wich there is supposedly in the USA.
Now, we go to see thet there is a many immigrants have succeeded in the USA.
Some found a job, the article shows it thanks to three migrants of various nationalities whon have found the correct jobs.
Others became famous as Marilyn Monroe or still John Wayne.
Finally, some had had a better life often thanks to the money.
And now, we go to see that the American dream is a myth, the vast majority of immigrants has never succeeded.
Many migrants found a manual Job as in the song where he became labor.
The migrants can also be victims of discrimination according to their native country.
Finally, many immigrants have difficulty of integration in particular because of language and the culture.
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