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Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 10:17:05 AM
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Dear teacher,

I am confused about would, the way they have been used in the sentences below.

1. You had no advantage then and struggled like any other person would.

2.Your movie had an interesting subject, and it did well, but perhaps not as masala (spicy) film would do.

3. Use rock salt just as you would table salt.

Thanking you
Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 10:40:33 AM

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In each case there is a comparison with something that is not true.
One situation is real but it is being compared to something that is not real.
Each is an implied conditional.

You struggled (you were in that situation)
Any other person would struggle (if they were in that situation).
They weren't.

Your movie did well. (It is popular)
A masala movie would do better (if one were being released).
But there isn't one.

Use rock salt this way (you are using rock salt)
You would use table salt this way (if you were using table salt).
But you're not.

If the situation you are imagining is not happening, it is an implied conditional - it would ______ if that situation were happening.

You have to make it unreal, conditional.
You can't say:
You struggled, like any other person does
Because all those other people are not in that situation. They probably never will be. They are not struggling. You can't say they are. You can't say they will.
It is hypothetical. You can only say they would (if it happened to them).

You could use a normal verb for number 3, because it is habitual and you use table salt habitually.
The use of the implied conditional there is because it fits the pattern.
In that situation, you are not using table salt. You are using rock salt. The hypothetical situation is 'if you were using table salt'

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