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Copenhagen's 4-fold plan for carbon neutrality Options
Posted: Sunday, August 6, 2017 2:34:33 PM

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Since 2005, Copenhagen has cut its CO2 emissions by 38%, and with their 2025 Climate Plan they are looking at "energy efficiency, renewable energy production, green mobility, and exemplary use of energy by city government. Setting carbon-reduction goals for each area, the plan then shows, area by area and project by project, how the activities will reduce CO2."

They will be using wind, methane from biowaste as well as use "the city’s sewage treatment plants capture biogas from household wastewater, filter the biogas to remove ammonia and sulfides, and then mix the biogas with air and natural gas to produce “town gas.” Almost one third of gas used for cooking in Copenhagen is now biogas."

"About three-quarters of the CO2 reduction under the climate plan is to come from converting power and heat production from coal to wind, biomass, geothermal energy, and waste. For example, the shift of Copenhagen’s power plants at Amager and Avedǿre from coal to biomass will make the city’s district heating carbon neutral."

Their 2025 plan calls for "75 percent of all trips in Copenhagen to be taken by foot, bicycle, or public transit, with half of all trips to work or school using bicycles." They intend to accomplish this by "investing heavily to make Copenhagen the world’s best city for cyclists by adding new bikeways and encouraging companies to support the use of electric bikes. Charging docks for the latter will be available citywide through Copenhagen’s bike-share program."

They are also including the city government in the reductions and will have the city reduce their carbon emissions by 40% before 2025.

The 2025 Climate Plan appears to be very well thought out. Not only that, but the city seems to have the motivation and the ability to meet the goals.

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