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scissure Options
Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 12:00:00 AM
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(noun) A split or opening in an organ or part.

Synonyms: crack, crevice, fissure, cleft

Usage: The surgeon explained that the stitches he had used to sew the scissure shut would dissolve in a few weeks.
Aziz Khan
Posted: Monday, April 10, 2017 8:10:54 AM

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Usage: The scissure on the boy's arm was sutured by the doctor.
Irma Crespo
Posted: Tuesday, April 11, 2017 5:30:16 AM

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Noun 1. scissure - a long narrow openingscissure - a long narrow opening
crack, crevice, fissure, cleft
chap - a crack in a lip caused usually by cold
chink - a narrow opening as e.g. between planks in a wall
crevasse - a deep fissure
fatigue crack - a crack in metal resulting from metal fatigue
faulting, geological fault, fracture, break, fault, shift - (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other; "they built it right over a geological fault"; "he studied the faulting of the earth's crust"
opening, gap - an open or empty space in or between things; "there was a small opening between the trees"; "the explosion made a gap in the wall"
rift - a narrow fissure in rock
slit - a narrow fissure
split - a lengthwise crack in wood; "he inserted the wedge into a split in the log"
volcano, vent - a fissure in the earth's crust (or in the surface of some other planet) through which molten lava and gases erupt
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