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Do You Know about satellites?(19) Options
Listening . . .
Posted: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 10:14:23 AM

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will wrote:
: Here's a real-time map of all the objects in Earth's orbit.
Red dots are satellites.
Blue dots are rocket bodies.
And the grey dots are miscellaneous debris (if my neighbourhood is anything to go by, the majority will be McDonalds packaging)

You can select individual objects and it’ll tell you it’s ‘stats’. It’s oddly addictive.

Edit: Links aren't posting for some reason. Try 3w dot

I knew there was a lot of "stuff" but, this view makes me want to clean up...what a mess!! Glad we can still see the stars. Eh?
Ashwin Joshi
Posted: Sunday, March 12, 2017 12:35:25 PM

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Hi Hope123, your post;
Ashwin, that's what we do here 😀. You never know where a thread will end up. We learn a lot from each other and have some fun, and that is why I stay. 💥✅

Edited - and it is having fun with people who are interested in learning and who have similar interests. That makes it even better.

I am extremely delightful to be a part of such a forum. It's of my taste too. being not a native English speaker/learned/writer I am happy that members correct and guide me in a very fair manner. Thanks.

Me Gathering Pebbles at The Seashore.-Aj
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