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Alamo Day Options
Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 12:00:00 AM
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Alamo Day

In 1836, a garrison of Texans took a stand against the Mexican Army at a Franciscan mission in San Antonio, named after the grove of cottonwood trees (alamo in Spanish) that surrounded it. Led by William Barret Travis, the band of volunteers was beseiged for 13 days by Mexican soldiers. Travis refused to surrender, and the Alamo was overrun on the morning of March 6. Only women and children survived. The heroic action at the Alamo gave the Texans time to organize the forces necessary to save their independence movement. More...
Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 9:41:21 AM

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grove of cottonwood trees ( alamo in Spanish)

Poplar, cottonwood, or aspen?

This is my only now.
Intellectually esurient
Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 9:55:17 AM

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God bless those brave Texans that fought tooth and nail for their independence. They are truly hero's of not only Texas but America as well. America solutes you!

"The fortunes' of life are found in books!"
Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 10:46:42 AM

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Today is the anniversary of the most historic day of many in the history of the great state of Texas, the date of the fall of the Alamo. While March 2, Texas Independence Day, when Texas declared its independence from Mexico and April 21, San Jacinto Day, when Texas won its independence from Mexico, probably both have more long-lasting significance, if it is one word that Texas is known for around the world, it is the Alamo. The Alamo was a crumbling Catholic mission in San Antonio where 189 men, held out for 13 days from the Mexican Army of General Santa Anna, which numbered approximately 1,800. But on this date in 1836, Santa Anna unleashed his forces, which over-ran the mission and killed all the fighting men. Those who did not die in the attack were executed and all the deceased bodies were unceremoniously burned. Proving he was not without chivalry, Santa Anna spared the lives of the Alamo’s women, children and their slaves. But for Texans across the globe, this is our day to Remember the Alamo.

Rahul Goyal
Posted: Sunday, March 6, 2016 6:27:09 PM

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Brutal :(
Posted: Monday, March 6, 2017 6:30:43 AM

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Day 13 of the siege - The Alamo has fallen. In remembrance of those who fought so bravely, and paid the ultimate sacrifice, 181 years ago today, midnight, March 5 1836, Santa Anna's troop´s began to mobilize, silently moving towards their places to await the start of battle. Despite the orders to forgot overcoats, cloaks and blankets, the men were instructed to lay on their stomachs on the cold, damp grass. For several hours. the soldiers lay
on the ground in complete darkness

About 5:30 A.M., they received the order to begin the assault.The massed troops moved quietly, encountering the Texian sentinels first. They killed them as they slept. No longer able to contain the nervous energy gripping them, cries of "Viva la Republica" and "Viva Santa Anna" broke the stillness.
The Mexican soldiers' shouts spoiled the moment of surprise.
Inside the compound, Adjutant John Baugh had just begun his morning rounds when he heard the cries. He hurriedly ran to the quarters of Colonel William Barret Travis. He awakened him with: "Colonel Travis, the Mexicans are coming!" Travis and his slave Joe quickly scrambled from their cots. The two men grabbed their weapons and headed for the north wall battery. Travis yelled "Come on boys, the Mexicans are on us and we'll give them Hell! "Unable to see the advancing troops for the darkness, the Texian gunners blindly opened fire; they had packed their cannon with jagged pieces of scrap metal, shot, and chain. The muzzle flash briefly illuminated the landscape and it was with horror that the Texians understood their predicament. The enemy had nearly reached the walls of the compound.

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