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Stuart McClean's Stories Put a Smile on Faces Options
Posted: Sunday, February 19, 2017 4:05:47 PM

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RIP Stuart McLean

I have read or listened to all these stories before, but am revisiting them as I am sure a lot of Canadians are doing when they heard about Stuart McLean's death. If you have a half an hour to listen, no matter where you are from, these stories will put a smile on your face. The first link is background. The "cooks the turkey story" is a traditional Christmas one played every year. The other link has a list of programs that I am going to work my way through again.

I hope CBC copyright does not make the recordings unavailable to anyone not in Canada.

"Stampede pancakes - I could not find a podcast for this so I guess it was a true story he passed along.

One of my favourite moments from Stuart was an afternoon where he recounted a story about Calgary ... Anyone lucky enough to live in the West knows well the great traditions of Stampede and one of its most favoured is the pancake breakfast put on for and by the public each morning. Events are sponsored by groups large and small.

Suart told a story of the Muslim community in Calgary that, over time, had developed its own tradition of inviting their neighbours to breakfast. Like most grand things this one started small but over time became a recognized part of festivities.

In the year Stuart referenced, Stampede fell during a sacred period on the Muslim calendar - adherents were prohibited from eating or celebrating during daylight hours. So community leaders decided rather than cancel their participation, they simply would invite folks to share whenever they could after the sun went down. As Stuart told it, there were no great expectations that anyone would attend a Muslim pancake breakfast in the evening, but friends decided to welcome whomever decided to come.

As it turns out, in true Vinyl Café style, the public response was overwhelming, with patrons arriving that evening in numbers larger than ever before.

That was the magic of Stuart McLean. It's not that he did not see the differences between us; it's that he found the truth common to us all. And if you were listening, if you were part of the crowd he was speaking to, more often than not, you could share in his gift for making the magic we all posses manifest for us all.
He was a true gift.


I would love to know if the podcasts are available to be heard elsewhere.

Equality is when you see a person - not a label.
Posted: Sunday, February 19, 2017 5:47:35 PM

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Being a good story-teller is a rare gift...thanks for sharing this Canadian treasure with the rest of us.


"Your life matters more than you will ever know, so live it well"
Posted: Monday, February 20, 2017 8:14:51 PM

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Thank you LRai.

These are funny positive stories of everyday occurrences that we can all enjoy and laugh about as we identify with them.

I was hoping more people would listen and have something to laugh about.

But I am glad you saw it!

And being a good story teller IS a rare gift. The older I get the more I am beginning to appreciate the talent in many areas that is right here in Canada. Unfortunately, we often appreciate things more when we have lost them. Strange animals we humans are.

Equality is when you see a person - not a label.
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