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"Parents are saving for college at record levels , and they're still coming up short" Options
Posted: Wednesday, September 7, 2016 12:37:46 PM
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If you are a parent who plans to pay for your child, or children, to attend a college or university and you haven't been checking out the cost of higher education these days, then get prepared for sticker shock.

"According to Fidelity's recently released 10-Year College Progress Report, 72% of parents reported saving for college this year —a record high — compared to 58% in 2007. The number of parents taking advantage of a dedicated college-savings plan, such as a 529 plan, is also on the rise, up 62% since 2007. However, it's still not enough."

The article states that "While families have adopted more active and effective savings habits over the past decade, this year's study still finds that on average, parents are on track to reach just 29% of their college funding goal by the time their child heads to campus," according to "Keith Bernhardt, vice president of college planning at Fidelity, noted in the study."

After reading this article, I was left with a number of questions, but the most important one to me is, “Why is it so expensive to attend a college or university in the US?”


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Posted: Thursday, September 8, 2016 5:50:03 AM

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Because they are run as businesses with a goal 'to make profit any way possible', rather than as educational establishments with the goal 'to educate the nation while not making a loss'.

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Posted: Thursday, September 8, 2016 10:47:37 AM

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There are places in the world where any student (including Americans, if they bother to look) can get high quality university education. In English. For free.
Americans pay because there seems to be resistance to changing anything that is in place. Or of looking outside their own system. Or expecting to pay for other people's children. That would stink of 'socialism'! The American dream is to keep all your newly-earned money for yourself and let other people look after themselves. and not pay big taxes. It doesn't take Einstein to work out you then have to pay for your own healthcare and education. It only changes if people refuse to play the game and buy the product.

It is a simple investment-return question. Is the investment in college worth the lifetime increased income. If you are studying for four years and come out less employable than someone who has actually been working during that time, then the answer is clearly 'no'. University education is one route, and works for some people - it is not the only route. For many people it is the wrong route. The sooner society realises that, the better everyone will be. And that applies to many countries, not just America.
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