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"Ramen noodles: The unexpected gold standard in prison currency." Options
Posted: Wednesday, August 24, 2016 1:25:42 PM
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I have never been in prison. However, I have heard that the food there tastes like, well, less than appetizing. Yet, I had no idea that ramen noodles have a value inside which far exceeds their value in the free world. Yet, according to a recent article, "Ramen noodles have become the most valuable "currency" among U.S. prisoners – overtaking the more traditional cigarettes, stamps and envelopes – a study reveals."

Additionally, the article states that "Prisoners are so unhappy with the quality and quantity of prison food that they receive that they have begun relying on ramen noodles – a cheap, durable food product – as a form of money in the underground economy." Additionally, "because (they are) cheap, tasty, and rich in calories, ramen has become so valuable that it is used to exchange for other goods," and they "are also used as gambling chips."

Wow, ramen noodles as a form of currency. While I have heard that many things which happen in prison would shock and surprise most non-prisoners, I always thought this referred to acts of violence, but not cheap unhealthy food sources being used to replace actual money.


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