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Correction synthèse anglais/ Check assignment in English Options
Posted: Sunday, November 29, 2015 4:26:48 PM
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Hello tout le monde
je suis en master anglais russe et j'ai un devoir à rendre pour mardi matin
Quelqu'un pourrait-il me corriger mes fautes orthographe ou grammaire please?

Hi everybody, I'm currently studying english-russian to the university.
I have to give back an assigment for tuesday.
Could you correct the mistakes please.

I can un French as well :)

Here is the text:

Hans Rosling and Barry Schwartz succeed in giving a captivating and interesting presentation through the use of diverse supports and tools such as animated graphs, slides, body language and humor.

Hans Rosling delivers a rhythmic speech, as he keeps speaking by using his voice as a powerful instrument permitting to establish the humorous tone of his presentation. The laughs and applause prove that he succeeds in interacting with the audience while his excitement shows his passion for the subject. Whereas Schwartz speaks more quietly and appears to be less agitated, he still succeeds to get audience’s attention. The two of them use humor as an efficient tool and manage to create a closer contact with the audience. Schwartz provides personal stories and anecdotes such as buying a pair of jeans or booking a trip while Rosling addresses a serious topic as mortality rate in a funny way which makes the audience laugh.

Rosling’s and Schwartz’s presentations are based on visual representation of data. For instance Rosling shows the evolution of social economics with animated colored circles or soap bubbles moving in an amusing way on the screen. In order to raise people’s awareness about poverty in Africa, he uses 3D software with pictures that compare different households depending on their GDP per capita. Graphs and slides also allow a better understanding of the subject. On his side Schwartz prefers black-and-white cartoons and simple screen-view in order to catch the public’s attention.
Also regarding the body language, the orators keep walking back and forth on stage and occupy the space. Their gesture and facial expression reinforce their message and their contact toward the audience. Schwartz keeps his hand behind his back and is quieter without being less expressive.
At the end of his presentation, Rosling goes even further, he tears off his shirt and plays a magic trick with a sword; it completely turns the lecture into a performance and surprises the audience. Such an unusual way to complete a presentation is honored with a standing ovation.
During the whole lectures, Hans Rosling and Barry Schwarz want to convey a message through several communication tools, techniques and strategies of persuasion to get the listeners’ attention and raise people’s awareness. They succeed in their mission by using humor as the most efficient tool to catch the audience’s attention in a smooth and pleasant atmosphere.

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