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Veuch Rouge ♥
Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 7:17:14 AM
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Bonjour dans 1semaine et demis (à la rentrée quoi) je passe un oral pour présenter mon projet effectuer toute l'année EN ANGLAIS je suis pas tip top en anglais je voudrais une correction sur mon texte merci de m'aidé

With my teammate we conducted a project on the conservation of yoghurt agrifood. We made ​​several assumptions in order to keep the home yogurt differently than a industrial yogurt. We issued as the first assumption that benzoic acid could keep yogurt. To test this hypothesis, we made yoghurt with different amounts of benzoic acid, because we thought that the amount of acid may have an influence on this last. given that we have used chemical benzoic acid instead of benzoic acid used in food, our yoghurts were been as lumps surrounded by transparent liquid. the chemical Benzoic acid is not conservative for yogurt .
Since there are a yogurt with fruit pieces embedded in, we hypothesized that fruit could keep yogurt . We used beet as fruit , this time yoghurts were well done. After 11 days of manufacture , there is occurrence of the first mold and a color change , thus 9 days later 20 days after manufacture, there has been even more molds. Yogurts were not attractive and had a bad smell , we finally conclude that our hypothesis is therefore not elsewhere in our research we have seen that scorbique acid was a natural preservative for yogurt we sought where we could have sorbic acid and it is found that there are in the lemon so we made ​​yogurt with lemon juice . After 8 hours of rest, we had yogurts curd. Not knowing where this curding was from , we contacted a factory producing of yoghurt. They we speaking of a phenomenon of coagulation of milk. This phenomenon can be explained simply by the denaturalization of casein micelles . By adding the lemon juice, which contains citric acid , we acidified the milk , resulting in the destruction of the casein micelles , the pH has an influence on the clotting of the milk in contact with the lemon juice, we did not have time to do another experiment with lemon juice trying to lower the ph yogurt. In that experience We tried to observe the progress of the fermentation of yogurt with conservative and preservative-free , we can see that for the two yogurts with the device we had , we have not seen the effect desired because the microscope was not fit . To see streptococcus and lactobacillus we should have taken an optical microscope with a zoom x1000. the yogurt must meet specific criteria such as acidity , so we measured the pH for this two yogurts . the Industrial yogurt has a pH of 6, which is normal. the homemade yogurt has a pH 3. that is maybe because it lack of preservatives. We wonder why the ph homemade yogurt is of 3 . After performing chromatography of two yogurts we can conclude that in yogurt with preservative the hasn't acid which is fully consistent with the resulting pH . By cons for yogurt without preservatives, thanks to the chromatography, we found that he had lactic acid in the yogurt, plus another product that we can't know. that is why the homemade yogurt has been acidified.After all this experiments we have concluded that , the chemical benzoic acid can't keep the yogurt . The beet can keep the yogurt in short term that is to say 8 days but not at long term . finnally the lemon juice can maybe keep the yogurt , in the contition to lower the pH of yogourt
Posted: Monday, May 26, 2014 10:10:14 PM

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Boujour Veuch Rouge. I know a little French, but I am a native English speaker. Your English is really good! Applause A few things:
1. "Yoghurt" should be "Yogurt"
2. I'm not sure what "agrifood" is supposed to mean.
3. Instead of "assumptions" you could use: "experiments. So you would have to say "We made several experiments"
4. The plural form of "mold" is actually still "mold" . English is weird d'oh!
5. "Valide" should not have an "e".
6. "Finnally" should be "finally"
7. Instead of saying: "fruit could keep yogurt" say "fruit could preserve yogurt"
8. "the ph homemade yogurt is of 3" should be "the ph of homemade yogurt is 3"
But overall, this is really well written! I hope that one day my French will be able to reach your level! :)

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