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can someome translate this farsi conversation to english? Options
amber rose
Posted: Wednesday, January 1, 2014 8:16:40 PM
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First person: Dahani azat service konam
First person: :D
First persom: Hala bebin
First person: Jorat dari faghat ax o pak kon ta ghiam konam

Second person: Eee charaa :D

First person: Haminjoori kerme koonam gerte

Second person: :D hame abji daran manam abji daram

First person: Hahahahah

Second person: :D
Second person: :*

First person: Hahahahaha :*

Second person: Joonz

First person: DaUss asan i Ghadr khandidam ghalabm dard gerefte ehhe

Second person: Be chi?

First person: B in cma y ax hahaha

Second person: Are ghashang ridi to asks :D

First person: hadaf hamoon bood

Second person: 5 ta like 89 ta cm khkh

First person: B ga dadam axet o heheh
First person: Ay gahalbam hahap
First person: Kojash 89 ta cm ? 49 ta abw ehhehe kooram k shodi jagh mizAni ? :D

Second person: Hahaha dayou haka Man yechi gocham chera nokte bar dari mikoni :D
Second person: Ay shashidam be in abji

First person: Hahahahah

Second person: Hame abjiq mian ziire posta ghalb mizaran bara ma miad fosh mide :D

First person: Ebin che stsi gozashtam
First person: :D
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