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Boeing and the 737MAX Options
Oscar D. Grouch
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 12:40:18 AM

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Here's a good article that sheds some light on the history of the 737MAX.
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 3:08:36 AM

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Excellent article. The business portion of the article brings up an interesting idea.

The nature of the airline industry is such that there’s no real money to be made selling airplanes that have a poor safety track record. One could even imagine sketching out a utopian libertarian argument to the effect that there’s no real need for a government role in certifying new airplanes at all, precisely because there’s no reason to think it’s profitable to make unsafe ones.

This sounds so elegantly simple and logical that I can see Boeing executives and lobbyists saying this repeatedly and often to anyone who would listen. But it just does not take into account the lack of accountability that these executives and lobbyist enjoy to extreme. The company has had its stock prices drop and lost $40 Billion in valuation, but if we follow the investments of the executives and lobbyists making these decisions, what would we see in their stock activity? I'm guessing they have hedged their bets and if they took losses at all, they were minimal. There will be no prison time for the breathtaking mismanagement that lead to so many lives lost.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 3:21:24 AM

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We need smaller government! I know, let's defund the FAA and give corporate America a tax break! OH yeah and let's be sure to keep a lot of inflammatory issues in the public eye so no one thinks about what is really going on.

Question authority. How do you know, that you know, what you know?
Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 9:39:41 AM

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Just goes to show that, "Self-regulation is no regulation". I'd heard about the issues with the new engines on a radio feature a week or so back, but the feature did not draw any conclusions. It seems that the more powerful engines, in a different position on an old airframe cause the aircraft to "nose-up". Boeing added a software fix to correct this but this appears to have "unintended consequences" in the event of a particular sensor failure.

It's a bit like a car manufacturer finds that a new model pulls to the left. So, they put a software adjustment that puts on a bit of steer to the right. Now, the car is inherently unstable and if the fix goes wrong - something unpredictable can happen.

Boeing's decisions were clearly driven by economic considerations (sometimes called "corporate-greed") rather than the cornerstone of safety. Just today, the "new fix" has been delayed. Personally, I would not travel on a 737-Max for a couple of years.

Good find Oscar!

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