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the image Options
Ivan Fadeev
Posted: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 4:07:58 AM

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Is this correct?
The image of which philosopher is in this picture?
Posted: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 4:29:52 AM

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It is so clumsy as to be unnatural.

For a start, if it is a picture, you don't need to say it is an image, not the real person!

So, the simplest question:
Who is this?

If you want to refer to the picture, then it feels more natural to express this with a verb
Who is shown/portrayed in this picture?
Who does this image show/portray?

Colloquially -
Who is this a picture of?
Because the answer is - this is a picture of John Lennon.
But because of the historical low regard for natural English, you probably wouldn't find that in a textbook.

I think it is the focus that is wrong.
You care about
What does the image convey?

You don't actually care about the image as a subject in the sentence.

Also, the vocabulary is not quite right. The image is the picture. What is in the picture is a representation or a portrayal, although that is also an image, the double meaning makes the word clumsy here.

The time it feels right is when the image is of interest.
Which painting was stolen from the National Gallery in Norway?
=The name of the painting, and maybe the artist as well.

Whose painting is protected by bullet-prokf glass in the Louvre?
=The artist, or possibly the subject, but most likely the artist.

Whose image hangs in the Oval Office?
=The name of the subject, the person it portrays.
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