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Verursachen vs ursachen Options
Posted: Sunday, March 4, 2018 10:24:23 AM

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Hello everyone!!
Would you so kind as to help me?
A friend of mind has shared a photo where you can read the next : Schon gut, dass Neid keinen Durchfall verursucht, ....
I have asked a friend : does *versuchen* means *something causes something*?
The friend has answered: *ursachen* means that.
But when I asked about the difference between these 2 verbs, she coulndt answer me.
Thank you all of you in advance.
Posted: Sunday, March 4, 2018 2:32:23 PM

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The word should be 'verursacht' with its infinitive form 'verursachen'.

Thus, the speaker is happy that envy does not cause diarrhoea, probably because otherwise the world would be quite a different place.

There is no such verb as 'ursachen'. There is a noun 'Ursache' = reason, cause ..., which the verb 'verursachen' is derived from.

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