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Maggie Q
Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 12:54:31 AM
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Angie McCain was just out of the shower. She slipped on a robe, belted it, then wrapped a towel around her wet hair. “Coming!” she called as she not-quite-trotted down the stairs to the first floor. There was a little smile on her face. It was Frankie, she was quite sure it must be Frankie. Things were finally coming rightside up. The bastardly short-order cook (good-looking but still a bastard) had either left town or was leaving, and her parents were out. Combine the two and you got a sign from God that things were coming rightside up. She and Frankie could put all the crap in the rearview and get back together.

Question 1: What's the meaning of 'not-quite-trotted'?

Question 2: In this case, what’s the meaning of ‘was leaving’? ( on the way to the other place OR was ready to leave but had not left yet? )
Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2018 4:30:32 AM

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Is Angie NEVER fully-dressed? She seems to be forever in a gown, ready to become naked.

1. "Not-quite trotted" is a phrase in the gradient of speed. From very slow to very fast:-
Saunter, wander - walk slowly, without purpose
slow trot
slow run
(there are many other gradients - these are just examples)

2. As the choice is "had left town" or "was leaving", it would seem that the author means "ready to leave but not left yet".

Wyrd bið ful aræd - bull!
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