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And now for the local news Options
Posted: Thursday, November 23, 2017 10:33:02 PM

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One thing I like about this forum is the things you learn about people from different places. International news very rarely gives you an insight into what people are actual!y caring about, what is happening in normal lives - but local news does that.
So I would really like to see what the real news is about? Local news, at whatever level. Or national, or whatever - just more real? What you actually feel refers to you?

I'll start off - major story today not politics (sounds like the parties will form a government next week) or the economy - it is the publication of an evacuation plan following some indications of unrest from a volcano.
(Most probably won't erupt, but you'd feel a right idiot if it did and you weren't prepared!)

So, if you think your story shows the real people, not the international same old news - please post it?
(If no source in English, maybe just write about it?)

Emergency evacuation plan for Iceland’s Öræfajökull volcano published

In case of an eruption, people are instructed to head directly to one of the three assembly points: Svínafell 1, Hof 1, or Hnappavellir 2 and wait further instructions. Map/Department of Civil Protection

An evacuation plan for the Öræfajökull volcano has been published by the Department of Civil Protection in Iceland in light of increased activity in recent days.

If evacuation orders are issued due to imminent eruption in the volcano, people in the area are instructed to immediately gather at three assembly points, whichever is closest: Svínafell 1, Hof 1, or Hnappavellir 2 (see map) and wait in their vehicles for further instructions.

If volcanic ash or volcanic tepra starts falling, people are instructed to seek shelter in the nearest building and follow further instructions when they are issued. See detailed emergency evacuation plan below.

Öræfajökull volcano in South-East Iceland is the country’s highest mountain, at 2,110 meters.. The volcano has erupted twice since Iceland was settled, in 1362 and 1727. The volcano has shown some signs of unrest recently, increased seismic activity, and earlier this month a new ice-cauldron measuring one kilometer in diameter formed in the glacial ice-cap over the volcano’s caldera. As of now there is no sign of imminent eruption. But in light of increased activitym the volcano is monitored closely by scientists and Icelandic authorities.

The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management in Iceland has published the following emergency evacuation plan in case an eruption:
Emergency evacuation for Öræfajökull
In the event of a volcanic eruption in Öræfajökull the aim is to have evacuated the area before an eruption starts. If an eruption starts without any warning the following emergency procedures will be followed.

Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management:

Ensures that the 112 call centre sends the following text messages to cell phones in the area between Lómagnúpur and Jökulsárlón:
"Emergency message from the Police. Volcanic eruption is imminent in Öræfajökull. Evacuate to Svínafell 1, Hof 1 or Hnappavellir 1, Höfn or Kirkubæjarklaustur depending on your location."
Activate the National Crisis Coordination Centre
Police in South Iceland:

Sends a police cruiser from Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Skaftafell to assist with evacuations.
Sends a police cruiser from Höfn to Kvísker to assist with evacuations.
Sends all available resources to assist with the evacuations.
Volunteer rsecue teams:

ICE-SAR Kyndill at Kirkjubæjarklaustur sets up a roadblock at Lómagnúpur and assists with evacuations.
ICE-SAR Hornafjörður sets up a roadblock at Jökulsárlón and assists with evacuations.
ICE-SAR Kári does not have any tasks in this emergency plan.

Ambulance from Kirkjubæjarklaustur is stand-by at Hótel Núpar.
Ambulance from Höfn is stand-by at Hrollaugsstaðir.
Red Cross:

The chapter at Kirkjubæjarklaustur opens up a mass care centre at Kirkjubæjarklaustur.
The chapter at Höfn opens up a mass care centre at Höfn
Opening up mass care centres nearer to the evacuation areas will be considered.
Fire brigades:

Are stand-by to assist in mass care centres.
Are stand-by to assist with evacuations.
On scene command:

On scene command at Kirkjubæjarklaustur activated.
On scene command at Höfn activated.
On scene command in Öræfasveit activated, location based on conditions.
Area command:

At Dynskálar 34, Hella.
Nationa Crisis Coordination Centre:

Rescue Centre Skógarhlíð, Skógarhlíð 14, Reykjavík.
Instructions for people who are within the evacuation area in the case of an evacuation:

Take the quickest route to: Svínafell 1, Hof 1, or Hnappavellir 2
Wait in your car for further instructions
If volcanic ash / volcanic tephra starts falling you should seek shelter in the nearest building
Follow further instructions when they are issued

Öræfajökull volcano is located in South-East Iceland between Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Höfn.

(In case anyone looks at that really carefully and wonders why people are being evacuated towards the volcano, rather than away from it, the danger is not the volcano but the ice cap melting and and meltwaters coming down the glaciers. They wash away everything, cut the road and any bridges. So you see people are being evacuated away from potential glacial flood zones. SAR is the volunteer search and rescue groups everywhere.

Got this far? If you read one, you have to post one!
Posted: Friday, November 24, 2017 2:46:05 AM

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I have a story about people caring for my breakfast.

Rural dwellers need to be more proactive in reporting any suspicions of criminal activity, according to Joe Parlon, former Offaly Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) chairman who chairs Community Alert in Aghancon, part of the Coolderry parish.

Parlon also chairs the local men’s group in which Richard McKelvey, the farmer who was recently attacked and robbed by a gang at his home, is involved. A recent meeting held in response to the savage attack highlighted the “shocking fear” that is evident in the area, he said.

Richie was locked in his bedroom at the time of the attack. It is like being in jail. I know of another couple where the woman is afraid to go out for fuel at night because she is terrified. People are prisoners in their own homes.

Parlon called for more joined up thinking in rural areas, particularly in linking Community Alert areas. “We are on a border area, with three Community Alert schemes. We get text alerts as far as Edenderry, which is 60 to 65 miles away, but not for Roscrea, which is four miles down the road,” he said.

While suggestions had surfaced around the country that night patrols should be introduced on rural roads, Parlon said he wouldn’t be in favour of that. “The Gardai are completely against that and I am against that,” he said.

“I am calling on people to support the Gardai more and report anything that they think is suspicious. During the past week we had a robbery and the vehicle involved was seen that day. The people thought it looked a bit suspicious but didn’t take its number, nor ring the Gardai. They forgot about it.”

Parlon said that people would have to take a more co-operative approach to combating crime in rural areas.

The chief superintendent attended a meeting locally and had a document with him indicating that only one crime had been reported in the area in the last 12 months. I had drawn up a list showing that 32 people had been robbed in the last three years.

If people don’t make people aware of criminal activity in their areas, the Gardai will not be in a position to allocate resources, Parlon said. He welcomed the recent announcement of a Garda task force to tackle rural crime and said that CCTV cameras at key junctions could assist in a crackdown on crime.

While welcoming the funding for community CCTV, he contended that the application process is a “red tape nightmare”, requiring sign-off by the Garda commissioner.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said there are no delays on the department’s side in relation to the CCTV grant aid scheme which was launched in April 2017 to assist community groups in the establishment of CCTV systems in their local areas.

Under the scheme, eligible community groups can apply for grant-aid of up to 60% of the total capital cost of a proposed CCTV system, up to a maximum grant of €40,000.

On approval of the grant, the applicant will receive an up-front payment of 50% of the grant, with the balance to be paid when the system is fully operational.

“This scheme is based extensively on the previous grant-aid scheme operated by Pobal on behalf of this department between 2005 and 2013 under which some 45 community-based CCTV systems were established, operating in a mix of urban and rural environments,” said the spokesperson.

Among its key requirements, these CCTV schemes must:

be approved by the local joint policing committee;
have the prior support of the relevant local authority, which must also act as data controller, as set out in the Garda Siochana (CCTV) Order 2006 (S.I. No. 289 of 2006), for the establishment of community CCTV systems generally; and
have the authorisation of the Garda Commissioner, in accordance with Section 38 of the Garda Siochana Act 2005.

“Unfortunately, the number of applications received to date is well below expectations. To date, six applications have been received, in addition to a significant number of inquiries about the scheme.

“As these applications were incomplete, they were returned to the applicants concerned to enable them to provide the information necessary to qualify for grant aid,” said the department spokesperson.

Guidance is available to help local groups in both rural and urban areas to apply for this important funding and the department is keen to ensure that groups take full advantage of the availability of this funding.”

Jyrkkä Jätkä
Posted: Friday, November 24, 2017 6:17:58 AM

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YLE NEWS Finland:

News 23.11.2017 16:53 | updated 23.11.2017 16:53

"Gold rush" for cricket snacks startup as Finland legalises edible insects

People have eaten bugs as a reliable source of protein for millennia — but not so much in the West. Now Finland has changed the law to allow insects to be sold as food.

As of 1 November, insects can be sold as food in Finland. The move prompted Finnish food safety authority Evira to publish a 44-page booklet of guidelines for safe insect consumption, including the important information that those with a shellfish allergy should be careful about crunching crickets.

It's a burgeoning industry, with a trade lobby group already established for Finnish producers.

Finnish firm EntoCube is part of the new wave of cricket-producing foodstuff companies, having been busy growing and marketing insects for the past three years.

The firm says there’s still some PR work that needs to be done, because the prospect of eating insects remains off-putting to many people in the West.

Hollywood horror movies like The Fly where the main scientist character slowly turns into a giant human housefly after a mixup in the lab, still largely reflect attitudes towards insects; some just think they’re gross.

Salted, roasted crickets

But to the pleasure of insect entrepreneurs, Finland even may be a little ahead of the curve when it comes to eating bugs. According to a Finnish survey carried out at the end of last year, some 70 percent of 585 respondents said they'd be interested in insects as food. Results of the survey were published by the University of Turku and the Natural Resources Institute in December 2016.

Even though Finland’s official ban on selling insects as food was only just lifted, EntoCube, a startup based in the southern city of Espoo, has been quietly marketing their edible cricket and mealworm snacks for the past three years.

Their product range — which includes lightly-salted roasted crickets, peanut-cricket chili snacks, cricket-fortified granolas and others — is carried by a handful of specialty shops around the country including health food store chain Ruohonjuuri.

Garnish, not food

However, for the past three years their munchables needed to be sold not as food products but rather as 'kitchen decorations,' because health officials can regulate what foods companies sell, but not necessarily what people put in their mouths.

EntoCube’s CEO Perttu Karjalainen says when he and his partners started, they set up their first cricket farm a standard 40-foot shipping container, they simply hoped that someone might buy their idea.

Now some three years later, the young entrepreneurs continue to raise the insects themselves. The company now has four active container grow-rooms which are each able to produce about 70 kg of crickets over a 35 day cycle. He says the company has immediate plans for further expansion, as well.

Like with most startups, the early stages have been lean. Karjalainen says one reason the company managed to survive was because he and the rest of EntoCube weren’t paid salaries for the first two years.

But how does one convince an insect noob to start putting them in their mouths? Karjalainen’s "elevator pitch" is simple.

"Insects taste fantastic and you should try them!" he jokes. But he has other reasons to convince people to start eating insects, too.

"The long pitch is that we are heading towards doom on our planet and we need to be clever in the way we use resources, and the kinds of food streams that we utilise," he says, saying that conventional western food production methods are bad for the environment and create a lot of carbon emissions.

"Especially the way that we produce the animal proteins that we choose to eat. Seventy percent of all the grain we grow is used to feed [livestock]," he says.

These Entocube crickets are nearly ready for harvest. Image: Yle News

Climate implications

While some may initially balk at the prospect of trading ground beef or other meat products in their burgers for cricket patties, Karjalainen really does have a point that can’t be scientifically dismissed.

According to the World Wildlife Federation, 25 percent of global land use, land-use change and forestry emissions are driven just by beef production alone - including the conversion of forests in the Brazilian Amazon.

Experts estimate that the global population will break the 9 billion barrier by the year 2050 - which is less than 32 years from now. As global income levels rise and developing countries grow economically, the WWF says, the demand for beef is increasing and is expected to grow.

As world population numbers expand, so too does demand for fresh water supplies.

The production of beef requires exponentially more water than, for example, vegetables, according to data from the UK-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Some 15,415 litres of water is used to produce one kilogramme of beef, while the cultivation of, for example, one kilo of rice is just under 2,500 litres of water.

Karjalainen says beef production uses eight times more fossil fuel power to produce same amount of protein, compared to the same amount of protein from grains.

Producing one kilo of edible crickets, Karjalainen says, requires just a single litre of water.

Crickets on plate of modified animal feed in one of Entocube's cricket farms at the company's facilities in Espoo. Image: Yle News

And according to a 2013 article in The Economist, only 1.7 kg of feed is needed to create one kg of high protein edible crickets.

Food safety authority Evira published a 44-page document of insect-as-food guidelines for the burgeoning industry on November 1, effectively making it possible for EntoCube and other companies to finally get down to business.

Yle News visited EntoCube’s headquarters and interviewed Karjalainen in late September, days after Finnish health authorities announced that insects would soon be permitted to be sold as food products.

Since then, EntoCube has been gearing up for the new business landscape by raising even more crickets and making other preparations.

Karjalainen said in early November that production of their food-grade insects started on October 23.

“As the growth cycle is 35 days the first food grade crickets will exit the farm in late November,” Karjalainen said.


In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
Posted: Friday, November 24, 2017 11:07:21 AM

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Thar, yes, learning from people around the world about their day to day lives is why I keep coming back here. Taurine, whether rural or urban, watching for suspicious activity is a good idea, but I'm surprised it is rural in your story. We tend to think that dense urban places are less safe.

JJ, I woke up this morning while dreaming about having to jump in a pool because thousands of ants were crawling all over my body. That was BEFORE I read your post. ;)

There are three topics from Canada I could do - Indigenous get an apology (a $ settlement for some was earlier) from PM re their treatment years ago and one group refuses to attend saying that's not enough. Another Indigenous group just bought into the oilsands to support their people while others say that is selling out the environment.

But I chose this story: Story has photos which I can't post.

Ringette's Snowdon, New Brunswick, sisters play for Team Canada at championships in Ontario.

In the Snowdon household in Moncton, ringette is a family tradition that's going places.

All four sisters, Jessica, 25, Kelly, 23, Jenny, 20, and Britney, 17, have grown up playing the sport they love and will continue to remain active by playing for the Atlantic Attack of the National Ringette League, featuring the country's top players. 
• Moncton's 4 Snowdon sisters make ringette a family affair 
• Moncton sisters win ringette gold medal in sudden-death overtime 
"It's your safe place," said Jenny Snowdon, who plays forward. "When you get to the rink it's just you, the ice and your teammates playing the sport that you love and grew up playing."

The Snowdon sisters continue to play in Moncton, but next week, not only are the two youngest sisters, Jenny and Britney, representing the family name, they'll also be playing for Canada at the ringette world championships in Mississauga, Ont.
The event will be held from Nov. 27 to Dec. 3 at the Iceland Mississauga arena.
How it all began
The family tradition started when Jessica, who also competed in the ringette world championships, developed an interest in the sport at the age of nine, when her dad saw an advertisement in the local newspaper.
Then the other sisters eventually followed in her footsteps.
"We always watched our two older sisters … as soon as we could we were on the ice skating," said Jenny.
'Right now I'm in the shock mode that it's coming up.'
- Jenny Snowdon
The sisters spent their childhood at the rink, watching one another's games and showing their support.
"Where I am the youngest, I learn from them so I've been watching them my whole life," said Britney, who also plays forward. "I've grown up watching them always at the rink."
The sisters say the sport is growing across Canada and within the Maritimes. They described the game as fast-paced, which requires a lot of thinking, similar to "a game of chess."  
But they also believe the game is family-oriented, not only among them but the oth
er players as well.

"Not a lot of people can say they have three sisters with them that play ringette," said Kelly. "We're all very good."
Jason Rossignol, president of Ringette New Brunswick, said having the two sisters heading to the world championships was great for the sport in New Brunswick.
 "The young players, they look up to these sisters," said Rossignol. 
He said there are more than 1,200 ringette players in the province.
"It's growing and we're obviously so proud of what we're doing in the province," he said. "We just hope to be better going forward."
The fantastic 4
Both sisters are looking forward to next week's tournament, but a hint of nerves comes along with it.
"When I get there in the atmosphere, it becomes a lot more," said Jenny. "Right now I'm in the shock mode that it's coming up."
Despite their nerves, the girls said they learned and improved their skills from teammates all across Canada.
"It really pushes you more," said Britney. "Playing against the best in Canada when I'm practising, it really pushes me. It makes me a better player."
And most important, the New Brunswick athletes will have the support from their two older sisters.
"I'm their number one fan," said Jessica, who will be watching the girls play next week in Ontario."

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Phyllis Diller
Jyrkkä Jätkä
Posted: Saturday, November 25, 2017 7:05:03 AM

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Too bad, Hope ;-)

News 24.11.2017 18:00 | updated 24.11.2017 18:00

MTV gets exclusive rights to cover Finland's first pandas

The Ähtäri Zoo and MTV have signed a two-year contract that gives the media outlet certain exclusive rights to the giant pandas

These two giant pandas may soon be living in Finland.

The Ähtäri Zoo said on Friday it has signed a two-year contract with MTV, which gives the media company some exclusive rights to cover the lives of the two giant pandas.

The zoo in south Ostrobothnia will be the new home for the pandas, which China agreed to lend to Finland earlier this year.

Kari Vainio, chief executive of the zoo, said he felt that MTV was a good partner to show how pandas live and talk about the current conservation efforts.

"Through MTV we will have great visibility and that was the most important reason for us to enter into this deal," Vainio said.

It is yet unclear as to how exclusive the contract will be and whether other media outlets would be allowed to cover the arrival of the pandas in Ähtäri in December.

Jaana Husu-Kallio from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, who has been involved in the move of pandas to Finland, had no comment on the MTV deal.

"I think the most important thing is that the pandas will come to Finland and that everybody gets to see them," Husu-Kallio said.

The agreement to bring the pandas to the zoo was signed in April during a state visit by China's president Xi Jinping.

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
Posted: Saturday, November 25, 2017 10:20:09 AM

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Neat re pandas, JJ. We have some until 2023.

Edited - this is an article from April when Finland got the pandas and it explains how and why China is sending pandas to foster homes.


Only in Canada, you say!

Video and photo on link. Day 2 of trying to tranquilize a moose in Markham, part of Toronto greater area. They don't want it close to the airport and are trying to get it back to its normal habitat in northern Ontario.

"It’s #mooseontheloose, Day 2.
The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) will continue it’s search Saturday for a moose that has been running around several residential neighbourhoods in Markham.
The search was suspended Friday night as officials work on a plan to capture the animal safely on Saturday. The MNR may look into tranquilizing the moose before moving it back north or take the wait-and-see approach to let it find it’s own way back.
York regional police and animal services began tracking the 800 pound moose on Friday morning at around 7 a.m. when it wandered close to Buttonville Airport.
It was last seen in a green space near the 16th Avenue and Kennedy road area around 3 p.m."

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. Phyllis Diller
Posted: Saturday, November 25, 2017 10:48:50 AM

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Our urban turkeys are famous now. We fed them for years before we moved away from the "Nordeast" and took lots of pictures of them on our front porch.

By "our turkeys" I mean they are our neighborhood's. They are very well fed by many in northeast Minneapolis and have been regular residents for quite some time.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. ― Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
almo 1
Posted: Saturday, November 25, 2017 9:47:14 PM
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Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2017 7:02:48 PM

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Well, this is local, but involves Turkey too . . . (click on the image)

Wyrd bið ful aræd - bull!
Posted: Wednesday, December 06, 2017 7:54:58 PM

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Posted: Thursday, December 07, 2017 9:41:06 AM

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Achtung Baby!: U2 give impromptu gig on Berlin's subway

I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger. (Anon)
Jyrkkä Jätkä
Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 6:20:11 AM

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Ehrfürchtige, IMcR!

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
Jyrkkä Jätkä
Posted: Friday, December 08, 2017 6:25:01 AM

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Parents hail Helsinki move to begin language instruction earlier

I started at nine, now they will start at seven.

In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
Posted: Saturday, December 09, 2017 7:19:07 AM
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In Ireland, from the Munster Herald: Cork man drowns.

Okay, I made that one up. Whistle

Posted: Saturday, December 09, 2017 8:17:26 AM

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Jyrkkä Jätkä wrote:
Parents hail Helsinki move to begin language instruction earlier

I started at nine, now they will start at seven.

As an EFL teacher I started Year 5 in Secondary education with kids from primary schools both with and without early language instruction. It normally took less than four weeks until they were on the same level.

It is certainly very nice to get children acquainted with foreign languages at an early stage, but it doesn't make a lot of a difference to the speed of language acquisition.

I totally take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger. (Anon)
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