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DEUTSCHE WELLE, for a change Options
Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 6:03:59 PM
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This may be a surprise for some:

I am a lay-about.
Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2017 11:28:16 AM

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Hi Whatson.

So even Deutsche Welle, Germany's public international broadcaster, is joining in, telling it how the world sees Trump, especially in his Asia trip.

But, but, but - Trump is the strongest president ever! Obama made America weak with his sanctions and negotiations and Iran agreement. Why Trump even speaks his mind in a language the "people" understand. He is NOT a politician. He "stands up", albeit cruelly, to other leaders and critics on Twitter. I read this right here on the Forum last year and recently so it must be true. I also just read here on the Forum that the US stock markets are rising, unemployment is down, (same as in Canada) and those pesky immigrants are not coming across the border in droves. It doesn't matter that all these were already happening before. It is all Trump's doing! And those are the only criteria that make a country great!

It doesn't matter that 15,000 scientists signed a letter that says humans are fouling their own nest and the EPA has been effectively dismantled. Or that the middle class are getting screwed on healthcare and tax reform. Trump said he is for the middle class, he never lies, and always keeps his word. The regulations he removed to benefit Wall Street will NOT cause another financial meltdown. Every pesky thing that Obama did is so egregious that it HAS to be undone asap.

The fact that Trudeau was the only one who got Duerte's anger (same as Obama got) for mentioning the Philipine leader's murders makes no never mind. The fact that Trump sucked up to China while meeting face to face and then switched back again the next day to his criticism of China is of no concern. The fact that other leaders know all they have to do is massage his ego to get his support is not to their advantage, right? The fact that his allies are pissed and the US is longer going to have world power influence is great. We are tired of these liberals who let America get pushed around. They are finally going to be exposed as our leader illegally gets the DOJ Sessions to distract from the present with further investigations of a private citizen's past actions because she was that leader's opponent. (I hope they do look into it and will find the proverbial nothing, although that will not satisfy her obsessed opponents.)

Sucking up and backing down when face to face while being hard-nosed and mean while behind a computer are not the actions of a bully on a school playground. Are they?

The past is to be respected/acknowledged, not worshipped. It is in our future we will find our greatness. Pierre Trudeau
Posted: Tuesday, November 21, 2017 7:00:23 AM

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Foreign Affairs magazine has been covering, fairly well, the reactions of world leaders to his words and actions. Almost to a person, those reactions have shown that the rest of the world has already begun to marginalize and isolate him so that his words and actions are not as destructive. This marginalization can only continue and increase as he becomes more angry and desperate.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum
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